Welcome to the RUSH University College of Nursing precepting information center. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced preceptor, you’ll find resources here to help you with every facet of precepting our students. 

A smiling medical professional, wearing a white coat and holding a folder

The basic structure of the practicum, student expectations and scheduling suggestions

A group of doctors and nurses in conversation

Suggestions for working with students, time efficiency and clinical teaching shared by experienced preceptors

A nurse shows two colleagues a reading on a diagnostic device

Course objectives for the clinical practicum, evaluation tools and responsibilities of the College

A nurse types at a computer while an advanced practice nurse stands looking on

Who you can contact at the RUSH University College of Nursing with questions or concerns

A telehealth provider uses a laptop for a visit

The RUSH approach to telehealth precepting, plus guidelines, videos and more resources

We appreciate your partnership in educating our students.
Your clinical expertise is invaluable to their learning and professional development.
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Additional resources and readings

We’ve curated the essential resources you’ll need, like academic calendars and evaluation tools, as well as a selection of helpful checklists and articles about the precepting experience.


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