Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)

The Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist (PCNS) Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program prepares pediatric nurses for roles as advanced practice nurses in the subspecialty care of infants and children with alterations in health.

Pediatric clinical nurse specialists focus on pediatric unit-based or pediatric agency-wide responsibilities. As a PCNS, you will integrate care across the continuum and through three spheres of clinical nurse specialist influence:

  • Direct patient care
  • Nurses and nursing practice
  • Systems and organizations

In addition to direct patient care, you will empower nurses to develop caring, evidence-based practices through mentoring and system changes. As a PCNS, you will also be involved in educating staff and developing initiatives to improve safety and quality with the pediatric population.

Quick Facts: Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist Online Program
Program Type:





2-3.5 Years

Class Size:



Per credit hour

Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist Career Options

Career prospects for clinical nurse specialists in pediatric nursing are quite diverse. Graduates of the program work with children and adolescents and their families to meet the demands of their vulnerabilities in pediatric health care settings such as the pediatric intensive care unit, pediatric clinics, and home health care providing pediatric care. Other opportunities exist in patient safety and case management.

Tuition Pricing

As a top ranked college of nursing, Rush programs are competitively priced on a local and national level. 

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