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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Postgraduate Certificate Curriculum

Program Objectives

Our program is intended for nurses who already have an advanced practice doctorate of nursing practice degree and want to become a neonatal specialist.

Your curriculum is individualized based on your previous graduate work.  

Graduation Requirements 

You must complete 12-28 credit hours, depending on previous coursework and your areas of focus. And you must complete 400 clock hours of clinical instruction.  

In addition, a minimum of 600 clinical practicum hours are required. 

Our program prepares you for eligibility for board certification as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner by the National Certification Corporation. 

Program graduates have an exceptional first-time pass rate on the national exam.

Course Curriculum

Advanced-practice core

  • NSG - 547 Neonatal Pathophysiology (Credits: 3) 
  • NSG - 548 Advanced Neonatal Physical Assessment (Credits: 3) 

Subtotal: 6 


Specialty curriculum content

  • NSG - 546 Developmental Physiology of the Fetus/Neonate (Credits: 3) 
  • NSG - 549 Neonatal Pharmacotherapeutics (Credits: 3) 
  • NSG - 550A Neonatal Management I (Credits: 3) 
  • NSG - 550B Neonatal Management II (Credits: 3) 
  • NSG - 550C Neonatal Management III (Credits: 3) 

Subtotal: 15 


Specialty practica

  • NRS - 541P Specialty Practicum (Credits: 1-12) 
    • Credit hours: 4, clock hours: 336 Clock Hours 
  • NRS - 600P Specialty Residency (Credits: 1-7) 
    • Credit hours: 3, clock hours: 252 

Subtotal: 7 

Total: 28 


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