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College of Nursing Diversity Statement

The best future for nursing depends on our ability to prepare a broadly diverse student body to become nurse clinicians, researchers, and leaders who will improve health care outcomes for all populations.

The preparation of a diverse nursing workforce is paramount to the delivery of effective, culturally congruent, and accessible health care in an increasingly diverse nation. A broadly diverse student body promotes an enriched environment and deeper learning for ALL students and a more capable health care workforce. Diversity is defined broadly and includes but is not limited to, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, and veteran status.

RUSH University College of Nursing uses a holistic admissions process, where a student’s experiences, attributes, and academic performance all have merit in making an admissions decision. Each candidate brings a unique set of personal attributes, characteristics, culture, and experiences but all students can contribute to the creation of a diverse and inclusive learning environment. These important elements are considered in combination with how the individual will contribute value as a health professions student and future nurse. 

The RUSH community strives to be an intentionally inclusive setting where students will thrive in learning, co-curricular, and community experiences. An inclusive environment empowers all participants to reach their highest potential, learn from each other, and develop a thoughtfulness that values diverse perspectives.