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PhD Nursing Student Scholarships

  • Full Tuition Scholarships for Newly Admitted, Eligible Students - Newly admitted students will be considered for full-tuition scholarships for a total of three years. These awards are renewed each year, contingent upon satisfactory academic performance. Additional financial support is available in following years.  Determination of eligibility for full-tuition scholarships is made at the time of acceptance into the program based on budgetary availability.
  • Accelerated Program Scholarship - This accelerated, three-year plan of study is for highly motivated students who wish to immerse themselves in their doctoral studies. Accelerated students receive support to cover the three years of tuition costs, as well as an annual stipend to cover living costs.
  • Nurse Faculty Loan Program - Up to $35,000/year can be borrowed to cover tuition costs.  Students can cancel 85% of the loan by working as a full-time nurse faculty in an accredited school of nursing for a minimum of four years. The remaining 15% of the loan is repaid at a low interest rate.
  • Mary Oakley Scholarship – Awarded to a PhD student whose research encompasses gerontology.  Amount variable.
  • Jonas Leadership Scholarship - Awarded to a PhD student with demonstrated leadership ability. Award is $10,000/year for two years plus $2500 for travel expenses to attend the mandatory Jonas Conference in Washington, DC. Call for applications released late fall/early winter.
  • LEAP Funding - If a student is employed for one year at RUSH University Medical Center or RUSH Oak Park Hospital, they are entitled to tuition reimbursement at the rate of 6 credit hours/term if employed .5 -.8 FTE and 9 credit hours/term is employed .9 -1.0 FTE. We encourage applicants interested in clinical faculty teaching positions to discuss this option with the PhD program director as to how to pursue this opportunity.
  • Johnson & Johnson Minority Nurse Faculty Scholarship - Eligible students must be enrolled full-time in a PhD program and be a member of an underrepresented minority group. Award is $18,000/year, with $1500 held in escrow to support travel costs to the mandatory Faculty Development Conference. Recipients agree to work as a full-time nursing faculty in an accredited US nursing program for each year of support.

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