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Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Postgraduate Certificate Curriculum

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Post-graduate student learning outcomes are to:

  • Function as an advanced practice nurse in a specialty area of practice.
  • Analyze and monitor the quality and cost effectiveness of clinical decisions.
  • Provide culturally competent care within multidisciplinary health care systems.
  • Apply ethical and legal principles to complex health care environments.
  • Utilize research to provide quality health care, to initiate change and improve nursing practice.
  • Assume the role of advocate, educator, and change agent for consumers within health care systems.

Graduates Meet the Following Standards

You must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours, depending on previous coursework and your initial degree as an advanced practice registered nurse.;

The number of clinical hours is determined by the gap analysis and varies from 500 to 750.

    Course Curriculum

    Specialty curriculum content

    • NSG-557A  Pediatric Acute Care I (Credits: 3) 
    • NSG-557B  Pediatric Acute Care II (Credits: 3) 

    Subtotal: 6 

    Specialty practica

    • NRS-541P  Specialty Practicum (Credits: 1-12) 
      • Credit hours: 3, clock hours: 252 
    • NRS-600P  Specialty Residency (Credits: 1-7) 
      • Credit hours: 3, clock hours: 252 

    Subtotal: 6 

    Total: 12

    Additional courses or clinical hours may be required after a gap analysis is completed. Contact the program director. 

    *Palliative care Training: ELNEC pediatric, palliative care certification or palliative care coursework to be completed prior to 557A.

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