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Transformative Leadership: Population Health DNP Curriculum

Program Student Learning Outcomes

The Transformative Leadership: Population Heath DNP program equips you to improve health outcomes for specific patient populations.  

Graduates meet the following outcomes:

  • Integrate science-based theories and data-based concepts to develop, critically appraise and implement practice approaches that improve health care and health care systems 
  • Apply organizational theories and systems thinking to improve the quality, cost-effectiveness and safety outcomes of practice decisions and initiatives 
  • Apply effective strategies for managing the ethical dilemmas inherent in patient care, the health care organization and research 
  • Apply knowledge of informatics to monitor and improve outcomes, programs and systems of care 
  • Provide leadership in influencing policies on the financing, regulation and delivery of health care 
  • Lead interprofessional teams to improve patient and population health outcomes 
  • Function independently in an advanced nursing role to improve health outcomes in a specialty area of practice 

Graduates Meet the Following Standards

You must complete a minimum of 31 term hours for graduation. 


Clinical and DNP Project Experience 

You will complete four terms of clinicals (588 clock hours) in a population health setting. Clinicals can be completed in your own primary care or population health work setting. 

The fourth term of clinicals is a residency for your DNP project. 

Clinical sites include the following: 

  • Ambulatory care sites 
  • Federally qualified health centers 
  • School based health centers 

Clinical sites are available at RUSH and throughout the Chicago area.  

Distance students work with faculty to find practicum sites. We have successfully negotiated distance practicums, but success is not guaranteed.

Course Curriculum 

MSN to DNP Curriculum

DNP core

  • NSG - 600 Leadership in Evolving Health Care Environments (Credits: 3) 
  • NSG - 602 Health Care Economics, Policy and Finance (Credits: 3) 

Subtotal: 6 


Population/role cognates

  • NSG - 565 Advanced Nursing Roles in Public Health Systems (Credits: 3) 
  • NSG - 566 Population Assessment and Health Promotion Frameworks (Credits: 3) 
  • NSG - 567 Population Intervention Planning, Implementation and Evaluation (Credits: 3) 
  • NSG - 536 Principles of Case Management for Advanced Nursing Practice (Credits: 3)
    NSG - 568 Environmental Health (Credits: 3)
  • NSG - 611 Financial and Business Concepts (Credits: 3) 
  • NSG - 614 The Leader and Policy, Politics, Power and Ethics (Credits: 3) 

Subtotal: 18 


DNP practica and project

  • NSG - 605 DNP Project (Credits: 2) 
    • Clock hours: 168 
  • NSG - 606 DNP Specialty Practicum (Credits: 1-12) 
    • Credit hours: 3, Clock hours: 252 
  • NSG - 607 DNP Immersion Residency (Credits: 1-14) 
    • Credit hours: 2, Clock hours: 168 

Subtotal: 7 

Total: 31 


Upon review of an individual’s academic portfolio, additional courses or clinical hours may be required.  

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