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DNP Project Oversight Committee (DNPPOC)

Thank you for visiting the DNP Project Oversight Committee webpages. If you have a clinical problem, project idea, or new program that needs to be evaluated, and would like to have a doctoral student develop a quality improvement project, please complete the information in this REDcap survey. You can also find more information on DNP projects on this page.

The DNP Project Oversight Committee (DNPPOC) was founded in 2018 to address opportunities to improve the process of DNP project identification, implementation, and sustainability. The collaborative committee was created to strengthen the academic-practice partnership between RUSH University’s College of Nursing (CON) and RUSH University System of Health. Representatives from key areas to ensure communication flow to and from committee: Associate Vice President (AVP), CON faculty, EBP & Research committee chair, Magnet Director, Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), Unit Director (UD), Professional Nursing Staff (PNS) President/Elect, RUSH University Medical Group (RUMG) ambulatory clinics and RUSH Oak Park Hospital (ROPH).

DNP Project: 1st APP Mentorship Program
DNP Project: 1st APP Mentorship Program


DNPPOC’s purpose is to ensure that DNP projects: 

  • Add value to RUSH
  • Impact the quality and safety of patient care / operations 
  • Create a positive learning environment for staff and students 
  • Enhance communication between Division of Nursing (DON), RUSH administration, key leaders, and CON
  • Provide connection for sustainability and dissemination of project recommendations and results 


DNP projects will align with the strategic goals and initiatives of RUSH. These projects will add value to the health system and be a positive learning experience for students. 


  1. Hospital leadership to support DNP projects for RUSH employees and students.
  2. CON Faculty will provide academic oversight to DNP projects to ensure adequate scope.

Key Functions

  • Representatives from key areas to ensure communication flow to and from committee 
  • DNP project ideas flow through this committee 
  • Ensure projects align with FY goals and strategic initiatives
  • Link for sustainability and dissemination of results and recommendations to a broader community
  • Ensure appropriate identification of facilitators for each project reviewed by committee 

DNP Project: Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) Pre-Procedure Skin Preparation
DNP Project: Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) Pre-Procedure Skin Preparation

Project Ideas

  • DNP Project Ideas from RUSH Leadership: If you believe you have a problem or project idea and would like to have a doctoral student develop a quality improvement project, please complete the information in this REDcap survey
  • DNP Project Goal: The goal of the DNP project is to translate current best evidence to improve the quality of health care, health outcomes, and health care systems. The process includes the design, implementation, and evaluation of a program/project that addresses a real-world clinical problem in the context of the service delivery system. The problem aligns with the strategic goals and pertinent quality metrics of the organization. 
  • Characteristics of a Good DNP Project:
    • Aligns with institutional goals/has resources to support efforts 
    • Priorities for the agency/organization and link to quality and safety goals 
    • Advances work that is needed, but is not time-sensitive 
    • Can move at student pace with coursework 
    • Typical timeframe is 1-2 years depending on DNP specialty track 
    • Design and development phase (6-8 months) 
    • Implementation and evaluation phase (6-8 months) 
    • Scope of project is typically beyond unit level, focused on population or system change 
  • Examples of DNP Projects at RUSH
    • Addressing Tobacco Cessation in an Ambulatory Cancer Center 
    • Identification of Familial Hypercholesterolemia in a Cardiology practice 
    • Adult ICU Visitor Orientation 
    • Increasing Advanced Directives Completion through Patient Education in Pulmonary Clinic 
    • Fall Reduction in the Emergency Department 
    • Improving Bedside Procedures and Sedation Practices in the ICU 
    • Addressing Food Insecurity in the Inpatient Population 
    • Evaluating the Effectiveness of a new Critical Care Outreach Team

Project Facilitator Role & Resources

A project facilitator is someone who works at the project site and agrees to support the student and help to navigate the site’s system. In some programs, the student will be asked to identify a project facilitator at the agency’s site and give the name and contact information to the advisor. In some programs, the facilitator is assigned based upon the project focus. View our facilitator resources. 

Questions or Additional Information

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