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The Department of Cell & Molecular Medicine is committed to fulfilling our threefold mission of education, research, and service through innovation, collaboration and teaching excellence.

We have a strong devotion to educating the physicians, researchers and health professionals of tomorrow. Our faculty are responsible for overseeing and delivering curricula in the anatomical sciences, which includes gross anatomy, histology, embryology and neuroscience. The human anatomy laboratory is a hallmark of the department that offers hands-on experiential learning ― a timeless mode of instruction fundamental to the training of the health professions.

Our award-winning faculty conduct basic biomedical research primarily in the areas of bone and cartilage biology, regenerative medicine, orthopedics, bone cancer, biomechanics and osteoarthritis. Our laboratories support a variety of projects ranging in scope from cell and tissue culture work to experimental surgery and studies on biomechanics and gait. Interdisciplinary research is an integral component of the institutional culture as evidenced by close ties between our department and faculty in orthopedics, biochemistry and rheumatology.

We also participates in a variety of institutional and community service projects, including promoting science education throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.

Markus Wimmer
Faculty Accomplishments
Kristin Al-Ghoul, PhD, associate professor of the Department of Cell & Molecular Medicine, recently received a Rush Faculty Excellence in Education Award.
Markus A Wimmer, PhD, professor of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and conjoint faculty of the Department of Cell & Molecular Medicine, recently received a Rush Faculty Excellence in Mentoring Award.
Faculty Recognition Reception celebrating winners to be held on June 25, 2019.
Ryan Ross, PhD and Shruti Shakthivel
Faculty News
Shruti Shakthivel is an IMSA (Illinois Math and Science Academy) high school student volunteering in the laboratory of Ryan Ross, PhD, an assistant professor in the Department of Cell & Molecular Medicine. Shruti recently attended the “Singapore International Science Challenge - International Student Science Fair”.
- The theme was Science for Society.
- It took place at National Junior College in Singapore which is a boarding school.
- Shruti won the individual award for “Best Young Research Scientist”.
- The students attending were also divided into groups from different schools and countries. Her group won the “Ideator Award” for their solution to the problem of water wastage.
D. Rick Sumner, PhD
Faculty Accomplishments
D. Rick Sumner, PhD, professor and chair, is currently the President of the American Association of Anatomists (2019-2021).
Meghan Moran, PhD
Faculty Accomplishments
Meghan Moran, PhD of the Department of Cell & Molecular Medicine is one of the 3 Rush faculty members, and among the 10 finalists for the Institute of Translational Medicine’s 2018 Pilot Awards, which provide $60,000 in funding for research projects, plus support services.  Read More.
Ryan Ross, PhD
Faculty News
The study of Ryan Ross. PhD and his colleagues “Biomarkers associated with osteolysis could aid in total hip replacement efficacy” is the lead story in AAOS Headline News Now.  Read more…  Read the abstract…
D. Rick Sumner, PhD
Faculty News
D. Rick Sumner, PhD, chairperson of the Department of Cell & Molecular Medicine in Rush Medical College and the Mary Lou Bell McGrew Presidential Professor for Medical Research.
James Williams, PhD
Faculty News
James M. Williams, PhD, the director of Rush University’s Human Anatomy Laboratory, comments about the possible discovery of a “new” organ in a recent New York Times article.
James Williams, PhD
Faculty Accomplishments
James Williams, PhD, professor, recently received a PA Program Academic Teaching Excellence Award in 2017.
Jeffrey A. Borgia, PhD
Faculty News

With help from a new NIH grant, Jeffrey A. Borgia, PhD is trying to develop a blood test that can detect lung cancer in its early, more treatable stage.

James Williams, PhD
Faculty News
James Williams, PhD serves as master of ceremonies (again) for Rushapalooza, a celebration of performance art in the Rush community (held on Nov 1, 2017).
Christopher Ferrigno, PhD, MPT
Faculty News
This research team (Christopher Ferrigno, PhD, MPT, Markus Wimmer, PhD and Najia Shakoor, MD) at Rush University Medical Center is studying whether a pressure-detecting shoe insole linked to a smartphone can help people with knee arthritis learn to walk in a way that preserves their joints.
D. Rick Sumner, PhD
Faculty Accomplishments
Staff Accomplishments
Anthony Serici, manager of the Human Anatomy Laboratory, was being selected by the Rush Chapters of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) and Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) to receive the Leonidas H. Berry Faculty Award – one of the Rush University Faculty Diversity and Multicultural Leadership Awards, as someone who actively promotes inclusive excellence at Rush. Serici has been recognized for his contributions to enhancing the environment of Rush University through his sustained commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion for our community and beyond.
Joan A. O’Keefe, PhD
Faculty News
Joanne O’Keefe, PhD, PT, is collaborating with Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, MD, PhD, in HP-ß-CD clinical trials in NPC by tracking motor function in children and young adults utilizing sensitive measures of gait, balance, functional mobility and fine motor coordination.  She is featured in this People Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN) video on “The Andrews Family” performing some of the gait testing measures in two girls with NPC.

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