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Close-up of a mother's hand holding her baby's hand

Christie Lawrence, DNP, RNC-NIC, APN/CNS, talks about Rush Family Connects, a program that checks up on babies and new moms after leaving the hospital to detect post-pregnancy complications.

Smiling woman standing on a path outdoors

Listen to Angela Moss, PhD, MSN, APN-BC, RN, discuss prisoners’ transition after release—and why, in those first two weeks, they have a mortality rate 12 times higher than the general population.

Close-up of two older adults' hands

Rush’s Ellen Carbonell, Angela Moss and Barbara Shaw discuss the cost to family caregivers, and the potential protections offered by a pending Senate bill.

Baby with a cloth heart

Rush nurses and a local quilting club sew fabric hearts to help parents and preemie babies bond by sharing their scents.

Janice Phillips

Janice Phillips, associate professor of nursing, shares her opinion on the ties between housing and healthcare. This is connected to Faculty Practice’s work with North Side Housing, Trilogy and others.

Faculty Practice working with Flying Food

As part of their relationship with Flying Food, Faculty Practice hosts a health fair for Flying Food employees. 

College of Nursing faculty member with a patient

Rush Faculty Practice partners with St. Leonard’s Ministries to provide primary care services to formerly incarcerated individuals.

Tara Spears Brittany Davis Profile

College of Nursing students Brittany Davis and Tara Spears gained some valuable insight when they helped run a nutrition course at a low-income housing development on Chicago’s West Side—a faculty practice initiative in partnership with TopBox Foods.

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Learn more about the latest developments in the Office of Faculty Practice in our newsletters.

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