Department of Cell & Molecular Medicine Faculty and Staff

Faculty laboratories and offices are located in the Armour Academic Center and in the Jelke Building. Most of our faculty members collaborate not only with other researchers at Rush University, but also with investigators throughout the U.S. and abroad. 

Faculty with primary appointments in cell & molecular medicine

D. Rick Sumner, PhD, professor and chair

Kristin Al-Ghoul, PhDassociate professor

Animesh Barua, PhD, associate professor

Jeffrey Borgia, PhDassociate professor

Michael Bradaric, PhD, assistant professor

Lei Duan, MD, assistant professor

Christopher Ferrigno, PhD, MPT, assistant professor

Robert Leven, PhD, associate professor

Hazel Lum, PhD, professor

Carl Maki, PhD, associate professor

Matthew Meagher, PhD, postdoctoral fellow/instructor

Meghan Moran, PhD, assistant professor

James T. O’Donnell, PharmD, MS, FCP, associate professor

Joan O’Keefe, PT, PhD, associate professor

Jitesh Pratap, PhD, assistant professor

Ryan Ross, PhD, assistant professor

Amarjit S. Virdi, PhD, associate professor

James M. Williams, PhD, professor

Adam Wilson, PhD, assistant professor

Aparna Yellapa, PhD, postdoctoral fellow/instructor

Faculty emeriti

W. Frank Hughes, PhD, associate professor emeritus
James M. Kerns, PhD, professor emeritus
Jena Khodadad, PhD, associate professor emeritus

Faculty with conjoint appointments in cell & molecular medicine

John Bailitz, MD (Emergency medicine)
Brian J. Cole, MD, MBA (Orthopedic surgery)
Carlo Franco, PhD (Anesthesiology)
Nadim Hallab, PhD (Orthopedic surgery)
Jeffrey Nelson, MD (Internal medicine)
Markus Wimmer, PhD (Orthopedic surgery)


Rita Eaddy, department administrator

Danielle Carns, research assistant
Seby L Edassery, research assistant
Cristina L Fhied, research lab supervisor
David Gerard, research lab supervisor
Jessica Joyce, research lab assistant 1
Angela Kirori, research lab tech 1
Carmen Macias, research lab tech 2
Brian Reynolds, clinical research assistant
Anthony Serici, human anatomy lab coordinator
Amy Stasik, research tech
Apoorva Tangi, research lab tech 2

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