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About the Graduate College

At the Graduate College at RUSH University, we have created an environment that fosters innovation through an interdisciplinary approach to scientific discovery. Our students not only learn leading-edge scientific techniques but, perhaps more importantly, critical thinking and analytical problem-solving skills that will serve them no matter their next steps after earning their MS or PhD.

Students that select the Graduate College as their home for graduate education are committed to scientific advancement through research and will become next-generation thought leaders. Through rigorous training, customized curricula and hands-on experience, students will become alumni who have strong connections and networks and are well-prepared to enter the scientific and clinical workforce, where they will solve complex problems and lead organizations that will chart the future.

Strong networks. RUSH University has a network of more than 16,000 alumni throughout the world. They work in academic and corporate settings, successfully compete for funding, train the next generation of researchers and educators, and make discoveries that enhance human health. We are building a strong community with robust student-alumni relations, which will enable current students to access RUSH's alumni association programming to advance their career and professional development while allowing alumni to tap into our stream of newly minted graduates poised to accelerate progress.

Customized and personal. The Graduate College offers doctoral and master’s programs that allow you to choose the track and coursework that complements your research interests. Small class sizes give you a greater opportunity to ask questions, participate in discussions, and provide curricular flexibility based on the needs and desires of each class. You will really get to know the faculty and be exposed to their research while learning about their experiences and networks in clinical and basic biomedical research settings.

Outcomes. The success of the Graduate College's approach to the training of its students can be measured by alumni outcomes. More than 60 percent of Graduate College’s doctoral alumni remain in research or research-related careers. According to the U.S. Department of Education, RUSH University graduates lead Illinois universities in post-graduation earnings. Further, more than 90 percent of the Graduate College’s master’s graduates have entered professional school, doctoral programs or found employment in a research career within three months of graduation.

We hope you will consider joining an MS or PhD program in the Graduate College at RUSH University, where you can be a part of the solution to clinical and biomedical problems that will ultimately improve human health.


Fast Facts About the Graduate College

  • Established in 1981
  • More than 200 students enrolled
  • Most diverse of all RUSH University colleges: 11 percent of students are African-American/Black and 10 percent are Hispanic/Latino
  • 50 percent of students are female
  • Students come from all over the U.S. and 15 percent from other countries
  • 35 percent of graduates go on to academic careers and 31 percent to industry careers
  • Graduates have become teachers, consultants, patent attorneys and many other careers