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Experiential Learning

IBS PhD Program: Experiential Learning Opportunities

Experiential Learning Opportunities (ELOs) are part of the foundation upon which PhD students develop knowledge and skills from direct or hands-on experiences outside of their laboratory and didactic training at Rush University. An ELO encompasses a vast array of external activities, including, but not limited to, research or non-research internships, service learning, conferences, workshops, specialized courses, and other creative career and professional experiences that promote interdisciplinary learning and career preparedness. Once a student has successfully completed their candidacy exam, a minimum of one ELO per year is required until completion of the program.  

Experiential Learning Opportunities - flow chart, years 1 - 5

ELO timeline diagram

ELO Work Flow Due Date
Individual Development Plan Discussion
  1. Students discuss their annual Individual Development Plan with either:
  2. Students and their research mentor will identify the learning objectives, timeline, commitments, and logistics of the ELO.

Students submit their mentor's approval (on behalf of their committee) on their final choice of ELO.

February 1


After successfully concluding the ELO, students will submit an evaluation of their final presentation. The ELO completion will be reviewed annually by the Academic Standards Committee. 

October 1