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The Graduate College Grant Center provides free support for students applying for fellowship and grant funding. All currently enrolled Rush University Graduate College students are eligible.

We understand that the majority of students are unfamiliar with the grant application process. Even with experience, grant writing can often feel overwhelming and the submission process confusing. We’re here to demystify the process and support students through it all – the search for funding opportunities, proposal writing, and grant application submissions.

Why apply for funding as a graduate student?

Grant writing is time consuming and challenging, but there are many advantages to applying as a graduate student.

  • Grant writing is a fundamental skill for research professionals. Becoming comfortable with grant writing at an early career stage makes future applications easier. Even if you are not funded, creating and submitting a grant application is excellent practice.
  • Obtaining funding as a graduate student is an invaluable CV booster. It demonstrates your research and writing skills as well as your initiative and drive. This is beneficial for future careers in research and non-research fields.
  • Having a successful grant application helps you obtain more funding in the future. A previously funded grant demonstrates to reviewers that you are a solid candidate with proven success, which makes you more competitive for future funding.
  • Grant money not only goes toward tuition and stipend costs, but also provides funds for travel to meetings and training-related expenses (computer equipment, software licenses, training workshops, etc.).
  • Having independent funding can increased autonomy over your research interests and direction.
  • Take advantage of the support available to you as a Rush University Graduate College student. These resources may not be available later in your career.