Biotechnology Master’s Degree Program

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This accelerated full-time Master of Science in Biotechnology Program will provide you with excellent training for your future career in biomedical or medical sciences. The biotechnology courses in this two-semester Program are designed for discovery. Courses range from core biomedical science classes, laboratory practica and experimental design to communications and biomedical research strategies. Biotechnology MS Program students also participate in interprofessional education though a University course. The work is translational, hands-on and relevant to this growing field, giving you the knowledge and the skill set to be competitive and successful after graduation in entering doctoral programs in research or health care, or to secure a job in private industry or academia.

Discover the Master of Science in Biotechnology

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The Master of Science in Biotechnology (BTN) is an accelerated, two-semester non-thesis research and laboratory training Program designed to prepare students for careers in research-related fields, education, and/or graduate or professional school. This flexible degree Program is designed for students with an earned STEM bachelor’s degree that are interested in furthering their scientific education and may not want to commit to a traditional two-year MS program. There are three tracks in the Program including:

  1. Pre-professional
  2. Research
  3. Education (Chicago Public School Teachers)

The customized curriculum helps students meet their career and professional goals. Students will participate in hands-on laboratory courses designed to cover the common and most important techniques and methods employed in research today. Students will learn and understand the regulations as well as external and internal policies and guidelines that govern the humane care and use of animals used in research, teaching and testing at RUMC.  Students will handle and manipulate live research animals per IACUC approved protocols and under the supervision of a highly qualified laboratory animal veterinarian and associated staff.


Why should I pursue a Master of Science in Biotechnology?

Biotechnology graduate career options

Biotechnology Career Paths

Biotechnology alumni career outcomes

Biotechnology Alumni Outcomes

  • ~43% of our graduates are currently healthcare providers or are continuing their training to become healthcare providers
  • ~26% of our graduates conduct biotechnology related research
Quick Facts: Biotechnology Master’s Program
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2 Semesters

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Tuition, fees and aid

  • Complete tuition and fee information is available here
  • There are a limited number of scholarships for the program, including academic and diversity-based scholarships