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Our accelerated full-time Master of Science in Biotechnology program will provide you with excellent training for your future career in biomedical or medical sciences. The biotechnology courses in this nine-month program are designed for discovery. They range from core biomedical science classes, laboratory practica and experimental design to communications and biomedical research strategies. Biotechnology program students also participate in Interprofessional Educaton though a University course. The work is translational and hands-on and relevant to this growing field, giving you the knowledge and the skill set to be competitive and successful after graduation in entering doctoral programs in research or health care, or to secure a job in private industry or academia.

  2018 Fall Semester Courses:

  • BTN 525 Experimental Design and Models Disease 
  • BTN 531 Laboratory Techniques 1 (introduction to laboratory; good laboratory practices, cell culture, data manaegment)
  • BTN 532 Laboratory Techniques 111 (genomics: cloning, transformation; Transfection: PCR
  • GCC 501 Molecular Biology and Human Genetics
  • GCC 503 Functional Cell Biology 

    2019 Spring Semester Courses:

  • *BTN 524 Communications 
  • *BTN 526 Laboratory Management 
  •  BTN 534 Laboratory Techniques 1V (study design, animal handling; surgical techniques)
  •  BTN 535 Laboratory Techniques V (HPLC; flow cytometry)
  •  BTN 536 Laboratory Techniques V1 (histology and immunohictochemistry;microscopy)
  •  BTN 537 Research Capstone (Lab)
  •  GCC Functional Tissue Biology
  •  GCC Research Ethics
  •  GCC 507 Biomedical Statistics
  •  GCC 510 Introduciton to Pharmacology 

 *Either BTN 524 or BTN 526 must be selected 

   IPE 502 throughout the Fall and Spring Semesters  (no credit)

      Biotechnology Master’s Program Quick Facts

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2 Semesters

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