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The Graduate College: Mission, Vision and Philosophy


The mission of the Graduate College of RUSH University is to enhance the intellectual life of RUSH University by providing students with expertise in their chosen fields, creativity to cross disciplinary boundaries, courage to challenge convention, and confidence to ask unexpected questions and articulate new perspectives. The Graduate College provides a fertile environment where trainees refine their critical/analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, embrace a collaborative approach to problem solving, address critical biomedical problems strategically, and advance medical science. To this end, the Graduate College will:

  1. Collaborate with our partners in other RUSH colleges to provide broadly based graduate education that supports the research and scholarship of students, faculty, and the university as a whole
  2. Foster an inclusive environment to ensure the educational benefit that can only come from diversity across the academic community
  3. Emphasize the critical role of graduate education to the mission of the research university
  4. Prepare our graduates for success in competitive national and global economies by providing contemporary professional development and career planning resources


The Graduate School provides strategic leadership and administrative and academic structures within which a diverse group of students and faculty find the support and encouragement to advance academic excellence through innovative scholarship, research, teaching, and programming.


RUSH University provides outstanding health sciences education and conducts impactful research in a culture of inclusion, focused on the promotion and preservation of the health and well-being of our diverse communities.