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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources

Statements in Solidarity​

Mental Health and Well-Being Resources​

  • Rush Wellness: The Rush Wellness initiative supports students, faculty and staff
  • The Steve Fund: Dedicated to the mental health and emotional well-being of students of color. Text “STEVE” to (741-741) to access a culturally trained crisis text line counselor
  • Rush Self Care Guide: A brief guide containing tips on self-care and reducing stress​
  • Rush Wellness Assistance Program: Crisis and counseling support available in-person, over the phone, and through videoconferencing on mobile devices​
  • Rush University Student Counseling Center: Free, confidential help, for students and staff. Their webpage also includes many tips on self-care and coping skills for students and professionals
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Free, confidential support for people in distress, including a crisis text line (741-741)
  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital psychiatric emergency line: (312) 926-8100​
  • LGBTQ suicide hotline: (800) 488-7386
  • ULifeline Anonymous Self Evaluator: The anonymous Self Evaluator screens for thirteen of the most common mental health conditions that students face. This screening does not provide a diagnosis, but identifies problems that could be impacting thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The screening process also provides information on these conditions and how to reach out for help​
  • YogaWorks: Online yoga, fitness and meditation classes available free for Rush University students​
  • Nature Tips for WFH: 10 work-life balance tips for researchers who have trouble working from home
  • Family-Care, Community-Care and Self-Care Tool Kit: Healing in the Face of Cultural Trauma

Curated Resources​


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