Microbiome and Bioinformatics


The Division of Digestive Disease and Nutrition physician investigators Ali Keshavarzian, MD, and Ece Mutlu, MD, MS, MBA, research a vast range of human health and disease microbiome projects. Under their guidance, research technician Phillip Engen manages and runs the microbiome core lab, located in Cohn lab 253. Nucleic acid isolation of total DNA or RNA preparation + qualitative controls of research sample, PCR, high-throughput 16S subunit of ribosomal RNA amplicon sequencing, next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics analysis are conducted in collaboration with The University of Illinois at Chicago’s DNA Services Facility.


microbiome core team

Microbiome core team, left to right: Phillip Engen, BS, research technician, Rush University; Ankur Naqib, research assistant, University of Illinois at Chicago; Stefan J. Green, PhD, director of Genomics and Microbiome Core Facility

Our microbiome core team has extensive experience with large metagenomic, metatranscriptomic and individual microbial genome data collections, including bioinformatics processing of such data.  If research collaboration is of interest, please contact us.