Information for Applicants

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Institutions are required to make public whether a program is designed to meet educational requirements for a specific professional license or certification that is required for employment in an occupation or is advertised as meeting such requirements. Institutions are required to make public, for each state, whether the completion of that program would be sufficient to meet licensure requirements in a state for that occupation, did not meet requirements or has not made a determination.  These requirements apply to all programs offered via all modalities (distance education and not).

Students should review the specific academic requirements for the program in which they are enrolling, including those related to practicum/internship as well as pre-qualifications for licensure such as the need for a criminal background check. We highly recommend that students contact the applicable licensure board(s) in their state of residence or in the state where they intend to obtain a license before beginning an academic program that results in licensure and prior to beginning any internship/practicum. Many licensure boards have additional requirements beyond successful degree completion to obtain a license. Please be advised that state laws, regulations, and policies may change at any time. Changes in requirements can impact the program’s ability to meet educational requirements for licensure. Enrolled and prospective students are strongly encouraged to check with the licensing board(s) in their state of residence or in the state in which they intend to obtain a license for the most recent information and requirements. The College will periodically review the state requirements. The College of Health Sciences disclosure does not provide any guarantee that any particular state licensure or certification entity will approve or deny a student’s application.

Additional licensure information by state, by program, can be located here:

Doctor of Audiology 

Master of Science in Cardiovascular Perfusion

Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition with Dietetic Internship 

Bachelor of Science in Imaging Sciences 

Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science

Occupational Therapy Doctorate 

Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies

Master of Science in Respiratory Care

Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology

Bachelor of Science in Vascular Ultrasound