Integrated Biomedical Sciences Master’s Degree Program

Application Submissions for Fall 2021 Now Open

The Master’s in Biomedical Sciences program prepares you to function in an academic or biomedical corporate setting and to be eligible for career advancement opportunities within the biomedical sciences field. The broad knowledge base of the master’s program also provides an excellent preface for further professional or graduate educational opportunities.

Quick Facts: Master’s in Biomedical Sciences Program
Program Type:





5 Semesters

Class size:

10 - 15


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  • The Master’s in Biomedical Sciences program core curriculum provides an optimal environment to gain interdisciplinary knowledge via a diverse cohort of peers and professors from multiple research fields.
  • You will participate in interprofessional seminars and career exploration experiences to advance your professional development.
  • You will experience diverse research environments and gain hands-on skills as you contribute to research teams in basic science areas related to health care.
  • Your thesis research project will provide you with specialized training and further professional skills in your area of interest.
  • You will learn to formulate research proposals comprised of relevant research questions, hypotheses, appropriate experimental designs and research.

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