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Student involvement plays a prominent role in the co-curricular life at Rush University. Collectively, Rush's co-curricular opportunities provide an atmosphere on campus that encourages peer learning, facilitates interaction among students of different disciplines and creates an opportunity for students to give back to Rush through their co-curricular learning process.

The Office of Student Life and Engagement recognizes over 35 active student organizations centered on areas of professional interest, social issues, and ethnic or religious affiliation. The Office of Student Life and Engagement  recognizes the interests and goals of each student organization through administrative and limited financial support. The following organizations are currently registered and recognized Rush University student organizations. Questions about the formation of new organizations or questions pertaining to the following organizations should be directed to the Office of Student Life and Engagement at (312) 942-6302 or at

Every fall, the Office of Student Life and Engagement offers a large student involvement fair showcasing all the student organizations and many of the volunteer groups available for students to get involved with. To learn more about this event, check out this video:

American Medical Association (AMA)
American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)
Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)
College of Health Sciences Student Government Association (CHS-SGA)
Entrepreneur and Innovation in Health Management Group
Graduate College Student Council
HSM Student Governance and Professional Board (HSM SG&P)
Integrative, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (ICAM)
Jewish Students Association (JSA)
Medical Students for Choice (MSFC)

National Student Speech-Language & Hearing Association (NSSLHA)
New Life Volunteering Society (NLVS)
Respiratory Care Student Government (RCSG)
Rush Choir
Rush Christian Fellowship (RCF)
Rush Initiative for Global Health Thinking (RIGHT)
Rush Medical College Student Council
Rush Muslim Student Association (RMSA)
Rush Pride
Rush University Book Club
Rush University Physician Assistant Student Society
Rush University Running Club
Rush University Student Nurses Association (RU-SNA)
South Asian Students Association (SASA)
Student Academy of Audiology (SAA)
Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)

American Medical Association (AMA)
The American Medical Association (AMA) is one of the largest physicians groups in America and is dedicated to improving the health of your future patients and protecting the lifestyle you will soon pursue. As an AMA member, you have the chance to be part of a tremendous network of medical students and physicians, all of whom at some point have been where you are now and have walked along every imaginable path. The Rush Chapter of the American Medical Association (AMA) is committed to serving the community, nationally representing the student body and advocating for health education, health policy and access to health care. The foundation of this local chapter is community involvement. There are many opportunities to volunteer, as well as become a committee leader. In addition, the AMA hosts several lectures designed to help medical students, such as "How to Survive Medical School" for first year students. As an AMA member, there are numerous resources available to you as a medical student and many opportunities for your involvement not only at the local chapter level, but also at a national level. As an AMA member, you will receive the world renowned medical journal, JAMA every week at home. In addition, gifts from AMA to new members include books and equipment currently used by medical students and physicians throughout the country. Last year's gifts included a stethoscope and anatomy flashcards.

For more information please visit Rush AMA.

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
AMSA is a student-governed national organization committed to representing the concerns of physicians-in-training. AMSA is dedicated to improving healthcare and its delivery to all people, improving medical education, world health problems, and advancing the profession of medicine by promoting its social, moral, and ethical obligations.
For more information please visit

American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)
The American Medical Women's Association is an organization which functions at the local, national and international level to advance women in medicine and improve women's health. We achieve this by providing and developing leadership, advocacy, education, expertise, mentoring and strategic alliances.

AMWA membership benefits include:

  • Networking & Mentoring. Personal and professional support from women physicians and other medical students.

  • Discuss the Issues. AMWA offers forums for discussion of issues such as gender equity, sexual harassment, maternity and medicine, and health care reform.

  • Opportunities to Advocate. Email advocacy alerts and lobbying.

  • Enhance Your Leadership Skills. Leadership opportunities are available on the local, regional and national level.

  • American Women's Hospital Service (AWHS). Oversees assistance grants to work in an international medically underserved area.

  • Student Scholarships and Awards. Travel awards for meeting and international travel costs, and chapter event grants to aid in funding an event.

  • AMWA Online. Information on medical research, AMWA events and professional education opportunities.

  • Local AMWA Chapters. Student chapters at over 100 medical schools.

  • AMWA Bed & Breakfast Program. For fourth year students applying for out-of-town residencies.

     Rush chapter events have included organizing a Chicago scavenger hunt, coordinating a life/work balance panel and conducting a self-defense class for students. Future events will further the mission set forth by our constitution. While AMWA targets many of its programs towards women in the medical field and women's health, we encourage participation and membership to medical community at large.
For more information contact Lisa.

Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)
The Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA) seeks to promote health for elevating awareness of and addressing unmet health needs specific to each community. In addition, we aim to help develop cultural awareness regarding the care of Asian American patients and provide opportunities for networking and professional development for students. These goals stand behind projects of mentorship, conferences, lectures, health fairs, partnership wtih free clinics, bone marrow drives and Hepatitis B screenings, in addition to other projects under consideration.

For more information please contact Eileen or visit
College of Health Sciences Student Government Association (CHS-SGA)
The Student Government Association (SGA) is a committee of students representing all programs within the College of Health Sciences (CHS): audiology, clinical nutrition, health systems management, medical lab science, occupational therapy, imaging sciences, perfusion technology, physician assistant, respiratory care, speech pathology and vascular ultrasound. The SGA strives to support the University and college missions by acting as an informal student government body and social committee. The creation of SGA is a vehicle to further unite the student body by facilitating communication among students, faculty and CHS leadership.

For more information please contact Heather.
Clinical Research in Surgical Subspecialties
The Clinical Research in Surgical Specialties student organization focuses on highlighting the important correlation between clinical research and surgical specialties. This integration of the disiplines of clinical research and surgical specialites stems from the relevance for the medical students and other students pursing careers in the fields of neorology, otolaryngology, urology, cardiothorasic surgery, plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, vascular surgery, and others. This organization provides an opportunity for attending surgeons and other healthcare workers to showcase the exciting clinical research that is conducted at Rush at how it is implented into practice. Membership in this organization provides students with the opportunity to network with specialty surgeons and pursue research opportunities. Additionally, this group offers students a co-curricular opportunity to experience the applicability of their academic curriculum in the world of surgical practice and clinical research.
For more information please contact Dennis or Benjamin.
College of Nursing Student Council
The College of Nursing Student Council represents all students of the Rush University College of Nursing and facilitates communication between students and administrators by conveying student concerns, fostering communication between students and faculty, and facilitating interdisciplinary communication.

Entrepreneur and Innovation in Health Management Group
The Entrepreneur and Innovation in Health Management Group exists to facilitate the development of health management skills through case studies under the tutelage of professors (internal advisors) and entrepreneurial leaders from the greater community (external advisors). The group is focused on, but not limited to, developing skills in: market analysis, writing business plans, financing new ventures, assessing and predicting market trends and preparation for and participation in case competitions.

For more information please contact Peter.

Graduate College Student Council
The Graduate College Student Council (GCSC) serves as the representative group for all students of the Graduate College, both within the Graduate College and throughout Rush University. They serve as the voice of the students through communication with the dean of the Graduate College directly and with the division directors through attendance at the Graduate College Council meetings. GCSC has articulated the concerns and suggestions of the students with regards to several issues, such as curriculum changes, academic stipends, degree requirements and other Graduate College concerns. The GCSC not only organizes and supports extracurricular events, social activities and fundraisers, but is responsible for the distribution of student travel awards allotted to graduate students representing Rush University at scientific meetings. As a whole, the GCSC strives to represent graduate students in the Rush community and facilitate the continued role of Rush Graduate College students in that community and beyond.

HSM Student Governance and Professional Board (HSM SG&P)
The mission of the HSM Student Governing and Professional Board is to provide support for the students enrolled in the Master of Science in Health Systems Management (HSM) Program at Rush University. The intent of the group is to engage the ideas of the students, faculty, staff, and alumni to plan and create evens and programs that will aid HSM in professional and personal development.
The group is entirely student-run and meets biweekly to discuss current issues facing students withing the HSM program. SG&P board members provide representation on HSM departmental committees to contribute student perspectives as well as to report to the SG&P board. Attendance to SG&P meetings is open to all HSM students and faculty who are open in voicing their concerns regarding the HSM program and any of its committees or organizations. The board will also embrace applicable professional organizations and student interest areas.
For more information, please contact Jenny or Evan.

Integrative Complementary and Alternative Medicine (ICAM)
The Rush University Integrative Complementary and Alternative Medicine (ICAM) group is open to students across all colleges at Rush University. Members are dedicated to promoting greater awareness of and improving peer education about the use of integrative medicine In today's health care system. ICAM members work with faculty and staff to continually develop the integrative medicine curriculum for the M1 and M2 years. ICAM also hosts quarterly lunch lectures featuring practitioners and researchers from a variety of special topics within the field of integrative, complementary and alternative medicine.

Jewish Students Association (JSA)
The purpose of Jewish Students Association (JSA) is to provide a casual format in which Jewish health care students can meet and exchange ideas and thoughts about their experiences in medicine. We plan events such as Friday night dinners, holiday events, lectures on Jewish topics and more. Everyone is welcome, so please don't hesitate to come to our next gathering, regardless of your level of observance.

For more information, please contact Jeffrey or Shifra.
 Latino Student Association
The Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) is a national organization founded to represent, support, educate, and unify Latino medical students and other students concerned with the health of Latinos.
For more information, please contact Aldo
Medical Students for Choice
Medical Students for Choice is an internationally known non-profit organization with a network of over 10,000 medical students and residents around the United States and Canada.  MSFC is dedicated to ensuring that women receive the full range of reproductive healthcare choices, while recognizing that one of the greatest obstacles to safe and legal abortion is the absence of trained providers.
At Rush, MSFC is committed to ensuring access to reproductive healthcare through comprehensive medical education and training. MSFC aims to supplement education at Rush with clinical workshops and extra-curricular lectures on a variety of topics, including contraception, pregnancy counseling, abortion, and barriers to care. Past events include a contraception 101 lecture, a movie screening of “Speak Out! I Had an Abortion,” a collaborative event on reproductive health policy, an IUD insertion workshop and a lecture addressing myths about abortion. For more information, visit
For more information, please contact Madolyn.

National Student Speech-Language & Hearing Association (NSSLHA)
The National Student Speech-Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) is an organization open to students enrolled in speech-language pathology and audiology. It is a national organization created for student desire of a closer affiliation with professionals in the discipline of communication disorders and sciences. The purpose of the Rush University Chapter of NSSLHA is to involve students in professional activities which will further career interests and educational experiences. This chapter will help students in understanding the importance of supporting the organization and being actively involved in advocation of the fields while enrolled in a graduate program in speech-language pathology and audiology. The goals of NSSLHA include: involvement in community activities with an emphasis on various aspects of communication disorders, attending workshops and conventions, carrying out fundraising activities to foster continuing education and to support designated charities.

For more information please contact Lauren or Mandy  or visit the NSSLHA website.

New Life Volunteering Society (NLVS)
Providing a healthy and nurturing environment is crucial for stimulation of progress in all individuals. Hence our volunteers are encouraged to provide a healing touch to all those they serve through their voluntary efforts. The New Life Volunteering Society (NLVS) is a developing national and secular not-for-profit service organization originally begun at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1999 with the intent of recruiting students to volunteer in community outreach programs for the underserved and underprivileged. NLVS members have the opportunity to not only be involved with numerous local projects but also with the NLVS Free Health Clinic on West Peterson Avenue that serves a population living 200% below the poverty line. The clinic offers free physician visits, medications, blood work and imaging to all uninsured patients. The free health clinic was started in October 2003 and functions with the help of medical students from Northwestern University, Rosalind Franklin Medical School, Loyola University, University of Chicago, and University of Illinois at Chicago. The free health clinic stands as a symbol of our collaborative efforts in the service of the Chicago community.

For more information please contact Lauren or visit the NLVS Website.

Respiratory Care Student Government (RCSG)
The purposes of this organization are to provide educational activities and research, enhance and support Rush University's Respiratory Care program, support the field of respiratory care and represent the views of the governed student body to all affected parties. This organization will primarily serve as a conduit of communication between the respiratory care student body and the respiratory care faculty, to ensure that the program's vision, as established by the faculty, is appropriately reflected upon the governed student body, and vise versa.
For more information, contact Kimiko.

Rush Choir
Rush Choir is a group of students from all of the Rush colleges and faculty members who love to sing. Our repertoire consists mostly of SATB acapella music. The music we learn is chosen by group consent. We will carol in the hospital and in Bowman Center before winter break, and we will perform in the Student & Faculty Music Recital in the spring. Gabriella Cs-Szabo, PhD, from the biochemistry department, is our faculty advisor and a member of the choir. Everyone comes from different musical backgrounds and levels of experience. All are welcome to join, and no tryouts are necessary.

For more information please contact Marybeth.

Rush Christian Fellowship (RCF)
Rush Christian Fellowship (RCF) strives to be a prayerful community motivated by Christ's love, guided by Scripture, bearing fruit in service and outreach. RCF is a chapter of the national Christian Medical and Dental Association, an organization that seeks to support all Christians who are involved in health care, ranging from MDs and dentists to nurses, occupational therapists, physician's assistants, medical/dental office staff, and other medical professionals. Similarly, RCF welcomes students from all programs at Rush to take part in our fellowship.

We are an informal, multi-dimensional network of Christian medical and allied health care students at Rush University who seek to live out our faith in our professions. Through activities such as weekly Bible studies, potlucks, retreats, social outings and quarterly speakers, RCF seeks to provide an avenue for anyone interested to learn more about Christianity and to encourage and support each other in our faith as we try to balance our busy lives.

For more information please contact Chris or visit the CMA Website.

 Rush Initiative for Global Health Thinking
The purpose of this organization is to introduce and cultivate an interest in international medicine and global health among members of the Rush University community. This will be accomplished through journal club meetings and lectures which illustrate the current state of international medicine and provide an opportunity for faculty and other students to share from personal experiences abroad. Additionally, this organization will promote international medical experiences and trips abroad to Rush students and keep them informed about the status of global health education and administrative support available to them at Rush. This organization will be open to any Rush student from all colleges, as well as residents and attending physicians.
For more information, contact Pranali.

Rush Medical College Student Council
Rush Medical College recognizes the usefulness of students contributing to discussions on matters affecting the student body and therefore established the Rush Medical College Student Council to facilitate such information exchange. The purpose of the Student Council is to increase communication among the classes and other Rush University organizations, between faculty, staff and administrators of Rush Medical College, and to make recommendations to the deans concerning programs and policies within Rush Medical College. Student Council also strives to increase the continuity of the medical students' education at Rush and works with student affairs to improve student life. Student Council membership consists of five representatives from each class who are elected spring quarter by their respective class. Ml representatives are elected in the fall.

Recent activities of the Student Council have been monthly meetings with the deans, development of a student honor code, establishment of the Rush Democratic Tribunal, continued monitoring of the student run website, organization of a Chicagoland Softball Tournament, sponsorship of all Rush Medical College intramurals, and co-sponsoring other co-curricular events.

For more information please contact Courtney.

Rush Muslim Student Association (RMSA)
The aim of the Rush Muslim Student Association (RMSA) is to strengthen the sense of community amongst Muslims, while accommodating their needs, both spiritual and academic, at Rush University. RMSA also aims to foster a deeper understanding of Islam among the Rush community at large. Our hope is to achieve this through regular luncheons, Ramadaan iftaars (daily breaking of the fast), Eid dinners, study breaks and other events. Furthermore, the RMSA plans to provide faculty contacts, academic assistance and information on Islam to all who are interested.

For more information please contact Gulrana or Maryam.

Rush Pride
Rush Pride is an organization composed of students, faculty and staff from across the university and Medical Center departments. Our goal is to promote awareness about LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) issues on our campus, for patients at the medical center as well as for health care students and employees at Rush. We organize educational and social events, offer a forum for discussion and support regarding LGBT concerns and provide networking and mentorship opportunities for members. Rush Pride welcomes people of any sexual orientation or gender identity. We hope to foster an environment of open-mindedness, understanding and empowerment through ongoing education and outreach within the Rush community.

For more information please contact Olivia or email Rush Pride directly.

Rush University Book Club
The purpose of the Rush University Book Club is to gather students from all academic disciplines to discuss a predetermined book whose topic crosses multidisciplinary lines in the field of health care. The goal of discussions is to increase cultural and educational awareness, sensitivity and competency through the appreciation and acceptance of differences in views of students, faculty, staff and the patients we serve. Discussions provide an open, non-threatening form for talking about issues and will take place in the fall and spring quarters. Upon completion of the discussion, book club members will decide what the next book will be for the next meeting. The book club discussions will be facilitated by a member of senior management at Rush University Medical Center.
For more information, contact Madolyn or Evan.

Rush University Physician Assistant Student Society
Rush University Physician Assistant Student Society. The purpose of the student society shall be to serve as the official organization for the students of the Rush University physician assistant studies program, to promote academic achievement and clinical excellence, and to promote the physician assistant as a member of the health care delivery team.

The society's goal is to increase the awareness and understanding of both Rush University's PA program and the profession. Our goal will be met by seeking and maintaining leadership positions throughout the university, actively participating In academic events and adopting a strong commitment to community service.
For more information, please contact Stacie.

Rush University Running Club
The Rush University Running Club aims to:
  • Help Rush students and faculty build relationships in a health-conscious, stress-relieving environment
  • Give students support and motivation for their running goals
  • To provide information about running events in the Chicago area
For more information, contact Kyrie or Anisha.
Rush University Student Nurses Association (RU-SNA)
The purpose of this organization shall be to foster the professional development of future nurses in the Colleges of Nursing at Rush University. This organization will serve as the pathway into the nursing profession by providing pre-licensure nursing student opportunities for leadership through volunteer experiences, networking events, and career development. This organization is to assume responsiblity for contributing to nursing education in order to provide for the highest quality of health care; to provide professional activities respresentative of fundamental interests and concerns to nursing students; and to aid in the development of the whole person, including his/her professional role, his/her responsiblity for health care of people in all walks of life.

For more information please visit or contact Shana.

South Asian Students Association (SASA)
Rush University South Asian Students Association (SASA) seeks to promote health and cultural events for South Asian communities and individuals, as well as other communities of color, through community events and health education. The cultural nuances of South Asians necessitate elevating awareness of and addressing unmet health needs specific to this community. Despite the diversity of language, traditions, customs, values, religion, and other components of South Asian culture, there is a strong sense of unity, which is apparent in the common identity that South Asian Americans share. It is vital that health care providers and the community be made aware of these paradoxical differences. SASA is founded on the belief that a substantial, tangible benefit is to be gained in educating and learning about the South Asian culture and is especially to health care providers. The salient goal of SASA is to raise awareness and educate health care providers at Rush and in the community at large about South Asian culture and all that is associated with it. This includes the unique ideologies, including cultural, philosophical, scientific and spiritual concepts of South Asian origin that allow for unique human experiences, even when it comes to health care. These goals stand behind projects of mentorship, conferences, lectures, heath fairs, workshops, trips and so on, in addition to other projects under consideration.

For more information please contact Anisha.

Student Academy of Audiology (SAA)
The Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) Chapter at Rush University is a professional student organization dedicated to:
  • The promotion and advancement for the Doctor of Audiology degree
  • Expanding the boundaries of our academic and clinical education to meet the professional challenges of the future
  • Advancing awareness of audiology through professional and community service

The purpose and objectives of the Rush SAA chapter are to:

  • Establish a standard for SAA in the state of Illinois
  • Maintain a financial responsibility to the programs and activities implemented
  • Advance education through the incorporation of professional forums
  • Promote the Doctor of Audiology at Rush University to professionals and students by displaying exemplary performance in the pursuit of excellence
  • Attain recognition as the future leaders of audiology
For more information, please visit or contact Drew or Hannah
Student for Interprofessional Health
Students for interprofessional healthcare will provide structured engagement for Rush University students seeking to learn and develop their understanding of interprofessional helathcare delivery.
For more information, please contact Robert.
 Student National Medical Association
The Student National Medical Association (SNMA) is the oldest and largest student-run national organization focused on the needs and concerns of medical students of color. Established in 1964 by medical students from Howard University and Meharry Medical School, the SNMA boasts over 40 years of advocacy and service to underserved communities and medical students. At RUSH, SNMA is interdisciplinary where all minorities from every college are encouraged to advocate and provide service to the underserved.
For more information, please contact Evelyn.

Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)
The Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) is open to students enrolled in the occupational therapy program at Rush University. SOTA is committed to serving the community through volunteer activities and fundraising, increasing awareness of the value of occupational therapy to both the public and other health care disciplines, and enhancing the educational experience and knowledge of the student members. Funds generated by the club will be donated to a designated charity and used to assist the student representative to the National Assembly of Student Delegates and attend the national conference. For further information about occupational therapy, visit

For more information please contact Caitlin or visit
TEDxRushU is an organization committed to stimulating dialogue based around innovative ideas and TED's mission of "ideas worth spreading." TEDxRushU will provide a platform for the greatest minds to converge and inspire. Through monthly discussions organized around discussions organized around TEDTalks and live speakers, we will spark deep  discussions about subjects that are shaping our future, with a focus on heathcare. 
Our yearly self-organized TEDxRushU event in the spring will be a culmination of our efforts to gather some of the nations brightest individuals for an experience that will leave participants inspired and empowered to create positive change.
For more information, please contact Elizabeth.


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