College of Health Sciences Student Government Association

Mission & Values

The Rush University College of Health Sciences Student Government Association (CHS SGA) is a leadership organization composed of a diverse group of students representing all programs within the College of Health Sciences: Audiology, Clinical Nutrition, Health Sciences (BS, PhD), Health Systems Management, Medical Lab Science, Occupational Therapy, Imaging Sciences, Perfusion Technology, Physician Assistant, Research Administration, Respiratory Care, Speech-Language Pathology, and Vascular Ultrasound. The CHS SGA is committed to advocating for student interests through active participation with students, faculty, and administrative leadership within Rush University and the College of Health Sciences. The CHS SGA strives to maximize the student experience and support the personal and professional development of students and faculty in the College of Health Sciences by providing informative and interactive interprofessional opportunities. As an integral governance and leadership body within Rush University, members of the CHS SGA also serve on the Rush University Student Senate, the Rush University Council, and various advisory committees.

Contact Information

President: Katherine Koo

Advisor: Brinda Bradaric, PhD, Department of Health Sciences