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HSM Alumni Representatives and Awards

The purpose of the health systems management, or HSM, program class representative is to help facilitate communication between the HSM core office and alumni association with the graduating class that they represent. Class representatives are assigned at the year of graduation by nomination or by nomination after the fact if no representative is identified.

HSM Distinguished Alumni Award

An alumnus is eligible for nomination for the Distinguished Alumni Award if they graduated from the HSM program five years ago or longer, embody the mission and values of the HSM program, and meet the following criteria:

  1. Has demonstrated excellence, creativity and initiative in the health care management profession
  2. Serves as a role model for aspiring health care managers both personally and professionally
  3. Has provided valuable service to improve the quality of life for others in the community
  4. Has actively participated, either in-person or virtually, in the Department of Health Systems Management program as an alumnus by donating time, talent and/or resources. Examples may include but are not limited to:
    • Participating in the recruitment process of HSM students, faculty or staff
    • Participating in recruitment initiatives in their geographic vicinity
    • Participating on student master’s project committee(s) or on the HSM alumni association master’s project awards committee
    • Lecturing in class or presenting during special events
    • Serving as a class agent
    • Reviewing student resumes, providing job leads, or providing career advice
    • Employing students
    • Serving on the alumni board, faculty alumni relations committee, or in some other alumni-related leadership capacity
    • Participating on an alumni awards committee
    • Attending master’s project presentations and alumni events
    • Philanthropic donations to the program 

Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

Rhea Begeman

The winner of the 2018 HSM Alumni Association’s Distinguished Alumni Award is Rhea Begeman, MS '90/HSM (right).

Begeman is the Director of Administration for the Center for Global Health and the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago. 

Here are winners from past years:

  • 2022 Eric Alvarez (Class of 2011)
  • 2021 Paul Kempinski (Class of 1984)
  • 2019 Tamara Smithy (Class of 1982) 
  • 2018 Rhea Begeman (Class of 1990)
  • 2017 Todd Fitz (Class of 1996)
  • 2016 John Steiner (Class of 1983)
  • 2015 Richard Bajner (Class of 2006)
  • 2014 Jennifer (Bever) O’Connor (Class of 1997)
  • 2013 Briana Jegier (Class of 2003)
  • 2012 Jason Girzadas (Class of 1994)
  • 2011 Mary Katherine Krause (Class of 1994)
  • 2010 Mary Malone (Class of 1985)
  • 2009 Samuel F. Hohmann (Class of 1988)
  • 2008 Karl Matuszewski (Class of 1987)
  • 2003 Delores Clement (Class of 1981)

Alumni Innovators Award

The Alumni Innovator Award honors alumni who have made significant contributions as entrepreneurs and/or innovators in health care management and/or improving health.

  • Mayur Patel (class of 1988)
  • Marty Sholder (class of 1982)

Honorary Alumni Award

The Honorary Alumni Award’s purpose is to recognize and honor individuals who are not graduates of the health systems management program but who, through a commendably high level of ongoing commitment and support, have made significant contributions to the success of the program for the program and its activities. 

  • Gerald Glandon
  • Wayne Lerner
  • Denise Oleske
  • Lee Thompson
  • Jack Trufant 

The HSMAA Scholarship Award

The HSMAA Scholarship Award is a $1,000 scholarship presented to a second year HSM student who has demonstrated significant academic achievement and leadership ability. 

Kaila Mitchell

Congratulations to Kaila Mitchell, HSM ’18, for receiving the 2017-2018 HSMAA Scholarship Award. Kaila graduated from the MS-HSM program in 2018. She graduated from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota with a degree in Psychology. Kaila worked in the Revenue Cycle department during her first year in the program and the Corporate Finance Department throughout her second year in the program. She is now currently an Administrative Fellow at: Froedtert/U of Wisconsin.


Previous recipients: Allison Parker, HSM '17; Nicole Powell, HSM ’16


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To contact the alumni board, please email or contact the HSM main office at (312) 942-5402.

Please follow the HSM Alumni Association group on LinkedIn for updates.