Tuition Refunds and Waivers

Tuition refunds

If you withdraw or are dismissed from a course or from the University, you are entitled to a prorated refund of tuition through the fifth week. Fees are not refundable. If you withdraw from a course before or during the first calendar week of the term, you will receive a 100 percent refund. Otherwise, refunds will be made as follows:

  • During the second week of the term: 80 percent refund
  • Third week: 60 percent
  • Fourth week: 40 percent
  • Fifth week: 20 percent
  • After the fifth week: No refund

Alternate refund/grading

This alternate refund/grading policy does not apply to Rush Medical College students.

Pure compressed weekend course
(Fri/Sat/Sun w/o any pre- or post-class work)

  • Before first class meeting : 100 percent and not transcripted
  • After first class meeting: No refund and W grade

Two-week course

  • Before first class meeting: 100 percent and not transcripted
  • Week 1: 50 percent refund and W grade
  • Week 2: No refund and WP/WF/WN grade

Five-week course

  • Before or during week 1: 100 percent and not transcripted
  • Week 2: 50 percent and W grade
  • Weeks 3-5: No refund and WP/WF/WN grade

You will receive a check or direct deposit for the amount of the refund, less any charges you owe the University, ordinarily within two weeks. If you wish to appeal the published schedule of refunds, you must do so in writing to the Associate Provost, Student Affairs.

Tuition waivers

Rush Medical College students enrolling in Graduate College courses

Rush Medical College students may enroll in Graduate College classes as part of a formal MS or PhD program, or simply for additional knowledge. Medical students do not have to pay any additional tuition for these classes.

Doctoral students in the Graduate College

The Graduate College offers a full tuition scholarship to any student enrolled in a doctoral program in the basic sciences (anatomy and cell biology, biochemistry, immunology/microbiology, medical physics, molecular biophysics and physiology, neuroscience and pharmacology). The scholarship is only for tuition; health insurance and other fees are the student’s responsibility.

To receive this scholarship, you must maintain full-time status — at least 12 hours per quarter. If you don’t register for 12 hours each quarter, the scholarship will be rescinded, and you will be billed for tuition. Most students accepted by the Graduate College also receive a stipend. Check with your division to see if you’re eligible.

Master of Science students in the Graduate College

Students enrolled in Master of Science programs in the basic sciences pay tuition and fees. They are generally not eligible for tuition scholarships, and they are expected to be enrolled full-time (12 hours per quarter), unless they make other arrangements with the college.