Registration Information

Registration Process

Each term, students can register and find the course schedule on the Rush University Portal. Classes are filled according to the following priority order:

  1. Continuing students
  2. New students
  3. Students-at-large

To avoid late registration fees, continuing students must register using the portal before the first day of the term. An email is sent to students when the course schedule becomes available.

Students can also use the portal to add and drop courses. Course changes must occur before end of day on the Friday of the first week of the term.

A confirmation email will be sent once a student has made a course change. However, students should ensure registration accuracy by logging into the portal.

Fall 2018 Course Schedule and Important Dates

The Fall 2018 course schedule can be found by clicking here. Please note, the schedule contains lines for each course’s room assignments. When courses have multiple room assignments per date, students should contact their program to retrieve individualized schedules.

Below are important dates for the Fall 2018 term. For all dates, please visit the Academic Calendar page.

  • Registration Period | Monday, July 23 - Monday, September 3
  • Late Registration Period Begins | Tuesday, September 4 - Friday, September 7
  • Last Day to Drop Classes without receiving a “W” grade and receive a 100% refund | Friday, September 7
  • Last Day to Drop Classes and receive an 80% refund | Friday, September 14
  • Last Day to Drop Classes and receive an 60% refund | Friday, September 21
  • Last Day to Drop Classes and receive an 40% refund | Friday, September 28
  • Last Day to Drop Classes and receive an 20% refund | Friday, October 5
  • Last Day to Drop Classes and receive a “W” grade | Friday, November 30
  • Classes End (College of Health Sciences, College of Nursing) | Friday, December 7
  • Final Exam Period (College of Health Sciences, College of Nursing) | Monday, December 10 - Friday, December 14
  • Classes End (Rush Medical College, Graduate College) | Friday, December 14
  • Final Exam Period (Rush Medical College, Graduate College) | Monday, December 17 - Friday, December 21
  • Degree Conferral Date (Fall 2018 Graduates) | Saturday, December 22

Updates to Course Section Numbers

In Spring 2018, the University approved online instruction percentage definitions, whose codes are now attached to section numbers in order to assist students, faculty, and staff in identifying and reporting course modality:

  • Online-All (OA)
  • Online-Virtual (OV)
  • Online-Traditional (OT)
  • Blended-Virtual (BV)
  • Blended-Traditional (BT)
  • Web Enhanced (WE)
  • Face-to-Face (FF)

Previously, many online courses were labeled with a section number of “W.” This indication will no longer be displayed in the portal.

For example, a section of NSG-521: Organizational/Systems Leader was previously listed on the schedule as “NSG-521-W2A.” Now, this course will appear as “NSG-521-OV-2A,” indicating it is offered online through virtual interaction.

Additionally, traditional, in-seat course sections will have codes.

For example, a section of GCC-503: Functional Cell Biology was previously listed on the schedule as “GCC-503-1.” Now, this course will appear as “GCC-503-WE-1,” indicating it is offered on-campus with some Blackboard/RULearning utilization.

For a full explanation of the new definitions, please click here. For questions, please contact your advisor/program coordinator/program director.

Financial Obligation

Registration is complete only when tuition and other charges are paid or satisfactory arrangements for payment are made. Tuition is due by the first Friday of each term.

Prior to Registration

The following should be addressed prior to registration:

  • Academic advisement — Students should consult with their academic advisers each term to ensure they are registering for the correct classes and remain on track to complete their degree requirements. Students should also consult their department’s student handbook and the Rush University catalog for information regarding graduation requirements, and other department or University policies.
  • Registration holds — Students must address registration holds (e.g., missing transcripts, missing or out-of-date immunizations, financial hold, incomplete mandatory trainings) prior to signing up for classes. Students with registration holds will be alerted when using RUConnected to register.

Auditing a Course

Permission must be granted by the course instructor (and often the program director) for a student to audit a course. Students who wish to audit a course should contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance before end of day on the Friday of the first week of the term.

Technical Problems or Errors While Registering

Students sometimes encounter technical issues while trying to register. Outlined below are descriptions of a few errors students come across and ways to address them. 

  • Browser Compatibility
    • When accessing the Rush University Portal, it is best to use Internet Explorer (IE). If IE is not available on your device, we then recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Portal functionality is extremely limited when using Apple Safari or mobile devices.
    • The Office of the Registrar strongly recommends using Internet Explorer in MyRushPC to ensure optimal browser compatibility. All users will need to download Citrix Receiver software to access MyRushPC. This should automatically download for PC users. If you are a Mac user, download this software here.
  • Portal “Forefront TMG” Login Error
    • If you encounter a login error when trying to sign in to the portal, it can often be resolved by resetting your Rush login password at After changing your password, wait 15-30 minutes before reattempting to log in to the portal.
    • If resetting your password does not resolve the login issue, please let us know by emailing
  • Primary Portal Constituency Error
  • Other Issues
    • If you encounter a different issue, please let us know by emailing Remember, attaching screenshots to your email will greatly expedite the resolution process.