Rush Research Informatics Core

Rush Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Core


The Rush Research Core (Core) provides advanced clinical data analytics, biostatistics and bioinformatics resources to a wide range of health researchers within Rush.


​​To promote research innovation at Rush and enhance the research capabilities of the research community.

Core Infrastructure

  • State-of-the-art computing system in consultation with Rush IS/IT that can support research activities and large databases.
  • Maintains and uses the research private cloud, an innovative set of infrastructure tools. The cloud hosts databases storing research-related data and Hadoop-related tools for big data analyses.
  • Dedicated computing cluster for genetic, RNA-seq, and next-generation sequencing studies.
  • Substantial experience in use and application of various analytical tools and programs.
  • Caboodle clinical data warehouse​

Services offered

​​​Clinical Data Analytics 

  • Extraction of electronic health/ medical record data through development of custom queries 
  • Queries can span and connect sources of clinical data, returning results in formats (e.g., spreadsheets).
  • Database development
    • consolidation of distributed internal data (e.g., flat files, spreadsheets) into custom databases development  
    • ​Curation projects in REDCap transformation of data extracted from internal or external applications into custom databases  
  • Data mapping to meet data model specifications, characterizing and refreshing data
  • ​Active participation in data consortia or multi-site projects 
  • Storing, updating, and managing data databases 
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) of unstructured clinical notes  
  • Machine Learning 

​Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

  • Consultation on study design and sampling design 
  • Proposing methods for grant applications 
  • Guiding and conducting analyses based on research questions/ hypotheses 
  • Development of dashboards and figures/ tables for presentation of data 
  • Experience with analyzing large-scale data sets - publicly available or available through subscription 
  • Assisting with development of analytical plans 
  • Interpreting and presenting/ reporting of findings 

If you are internal to Rush and would like to request Core services, please click here for directions on how to prepare and submit your request. (Rush login required)

Core Team

  • Casey Frankenberger, Chief Research Informatics Officer
  • J. Alan Simmons, Director of Clinical Research Analytics
  • Ekta Kishen, Clinical Data Analyst
  • Sairam Sutari, Clinical Data Analyst
  • Nagarjuna Tippireddy, Clinical Data Analyst
  • Cherise Woods, Database Specialist
  • Naresh Kumar Pariki Shanker, Cloud Architect
  • Pankaja Desai, Director of Operations, Interim Director of Biostatistics
  • Todd Beck, Supervisory Statistician
  • Ethan Ritz, Statistician
  • Yanyu Zhang, Statistician
  • Jacqueline Kanoon, Program Manager
  • Rachael Allen, Administrative Assistant
  • Ankur Naqib, Bioinformaticist