Program Advantages


Pediatric Cardiology at Rush University Medical Center provides quality healthcare for patients with a broad range of disease entities and a variety of racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds that reflect Chicago’s diverse population. In addition to a strong emphasis on patient/family diversity, Rush University Medical Center values the diversity of its staff, faculty and trainees, and is committed to maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment in which all feel accepted and supported. With that in mind, the Department of Pediatrics, in collaboration with Rush University Children’s Hospital has implemented a unique Diversity and Inclusion curriculum with the aim of assisting staff, faculty and trainees to embrace difference, treat each other with respect, and deliver outstanding clinical care that is culturally sensitive. Rush is amongst the first academic medical centers to design, develop and implement a formal Diversity and Inclusion curriculum.

Fetal Cardiac Program

Here at Rush University Children’s Hospital, we pride ourselves on our internationally-recognized team of heart experts who care for fetuses, neonates, children and adults. The team includes interventional cardiologists, electrophysiologists, pediatric intensivists, heart surgeons, and echocardiographers. A child not yet born is just as important to us. The team works tirelessly to find innovative and aggressive treatment plans for every child who comes through the doors, even if he/she is not yet born. Our fetal echocardiograms will help patients and families determine the condition of the child’s heart and what steps will be necessary upon birth in order to ensure that the baby has the best quality of life.

Patients and families benefit from the Fetal Cardiac Program’s close collaboration with the Rush Fetal and Neonatal Medicine Center (FNMC). The center’s team of experienced and compassionate healthcare providers can help patients coping with congenital heart disease and other fetal anomalies.

Together, the team provide coordinated care and support for high-risk patients throughout the prenatal period.

Protected Academic Time

Protected three-hour lecture block on Fridays with lunch provided.

Block lecture includes:

  • One hour of fellow-driven lecture of a chapter from Moss and Adams’ Heart Disease in Infants, Children, and Adolescents
  • One hour of fellow-driven lecture on an echo topic
  • One hour of lecture from an attending covering numerous topics such as EKG, MRI, cath and journal club​​​​​​

Opportunities to travel to conferences covered by the program

Institutional funds for examinations: ITE and boards (must pass), conferences, additional books, etc.

Annual Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Program Retreat in late summer/early fall

One hour a week reviewing board questions (all fellows)

Comprehensive Rush Pediatric Cardiology Board review course during last two months of fellowship (third-year fellows only)

Additional Benefits

Earning a Master of Science in Clinical Research from Rush University Graduate College, paid for by the program and the tuition re-imbursement program here at Rush.