Division of Behavioral Sciences Education Offerings

The Division of Behavioral Sciences has a large teaching footprint at Rush University, training psychologists, medical students, medical residents and allied health professionals.

Rush Medical College curriculum

Our faculty teach communication skills to M1 and M2 students in Rush Medical College as part of the Physicianship Program. This is a rich curriculum that offers intensive training, high-fidelity simulation and feedback for an increasingly complex series of behavioral tasks required of emerging physicians. Faculty also are increasingly engaged in scholarship related to these activities, as well as other aspects of medical education.

The Physicianship Program is competence-based and aligned with national recommendations. Students are assessed by our faculty via written and verbal feedback on performance on a series of seven simulated patient interviews. We also complete narrative evaluations of students twice a year; these assessments address nonacademic factors like participation and collaboration.

Physician assistant behavioral sciences rotation

We continue to train students in the Physician Assistant Program in their behavioral health rotation. This is a month-long experience; we currently have 11 to 13 students rotating through the training each year.

Psychology residency

The psychology residency is a one-year, American Psychological Association-accredited, full-time training program that fulfills the doctoral internship requirement for doctoral programs in clinical psychology.