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LabArchives is a secure, cloud-based Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) that offers Rush principal investigators, lab managers and other lab personnel a free and secure means to organize, document, store, protect, collaborate, and share, research and data.

Rush University Medical Center has elected for the Professional Edition of this intuitive platform which is easy to use, preserves scientific data integrity, strengthens data management and good laboratory practices, standardizes processes across the research community, saves time, and improves productivity. Learn more about LabArchives ELN for Research.

Policies and Procedures
  • Rush Electronic Lab Notebook Policy (coming soon)
  • Standard Operating Procedures (coming soon)
Contact Us
  • For operational, technical, and general questions, please contact Shared Services at LabArchives@rush.edu
  • For hardware related or single sign-on issues, please contact the Rush HelpDesk at help@rush.edu
  • For issues and concerns related to Research or Regulatory Compliance, please contact Nsude_OkekeEwo@rush.edu

Common Questions

Who can use LabArchives? Is there a cost?

Rush University Medical Center has licensed LabArchives to help researchers, including principal investigators and their lab members, improve the quality of their lab notes. This resource is available at NO COST to the Research Community.

How do I log-in?

Getting started is easy! Rush has configured Single Sign-On (SSO) for access to LabArchives. Therefore, anyone with a Rush user ID and Password can log in and benefit from the platform.

Where is data stored? Is it safe?

LabArchives hosts all software and data on a secure, cloud-based server. The infrastructure is provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), with a primary data center in Virginia and a backup data center in Oregon. Researchers can rest assured that data will never travel outside the U.S. Security of research data is a top concern at Rush and there are extensive measures in place to ensure that.