Staff Spotlight

The Staff Spotlight recognizes and celebrates achievements and contributions made by staff to the successful operation of the University. This is an opportunity to acknowledge the dedication and exemplary performance of individuals and teams that deserve special recognition. Anyone employed, both full-time and part-time, by Rush University is eligible to be recognized in the Staff Spotlight; it is also possible to nominate a whole team rather than an individual.


There are two award periods each year, one in December and the other in May. Nominations are open year-round; nominees will be reviewed as candidates for the next upcoming review period.


December Nomination Period

Review Period: December 12th, 2022 - December 19th, 2022
Awardee/Honorable Mentions Announced: by January 6th, 2023


May Nomination Period

Review Period: May 8th, 2023 - May 15th, 2023
Awardee/Honorable Mentions Announced: by May 26th, 2023


The most recent Staff Spotlight award winners:


University IS Team

Pictured from left to rightTop row: Raul Arias-Garcia, Jabbari Winters, Chris Lewis; Bottom row: Alex Dinovo, Brian Thomas, Terron Washington; Not pictured: Sterling Willie, Rochelle Dean

During the pandemic, the University IS Team quickly moved faculty, staff and students to a remote working and learning environment. While maintaining social distancing, they set up testing labs and provided remote support. They have handled an influx of laptop setups and spent hours on the phone talking users through processes for remote learning, remote work and virtual meetings that were crucial to keep Rush University functioning without disruption. The team also came in on their days off to ensure classrooms were ready on the first day of the semester and often stayed late to assist faculty, staff and students. They also helped on the clinical side of Rush when asked, all the while still supporting the University users.




GER/University Facilities/Quick Copy Team

Pictured from left to right: Kevin Minor, Lisa Salonikidou, Antonio Mendoza, James Wiatr; Not pictured: Chris Kanakis

The General Education Resources (GER) and University Facilities departments have been on campus throughout the pandemic. They ordered and distributed PPE for students, faculty, and staff for the entire University, offsite, and around the country. They set up the rooms to ensure adherence to social distancing guidelines for programs. As researchers continued to work, they aided in temperature checks and handed out masks. In preparation for collective re-entry, the Quick copy team printed color posters, adhesive cling posters, Covid fact sheets and CDC vaccination record cards. The teams then put up the safety and social distancing materials throughout the university. They have been on campus daily to ensure the university is provided with printed communication in a timely manner.  

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