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Staff Council Representatives



Jake Boudreaux, BS, has been with Rush University for 2.5 years working in the Research Compliance Conflict of Interest Office. As a Compliance COI Specialist, he helps manage and regulate financial relationships in research to prevent bias and ensure research is in the publics best interest. Jake is passionate about advocating for staff needs and getting to know his co-workers across RUMC.

Vice Chair

Theresa Jenkins, MPH-MSMOB has worked in the RUSH Alzheimer’s Center for over 17 years. She is currently a Senior level research coordinator who oversees the operations of one the center’s diverse cohort studies. She also leads one of the center’s community engagement teams that specialize in retention among communities of color. In her role, Theresa strives to be an agent for change and make a greater impact in under-represented populations to shift the paradigm of health and care. As a member of the staff council, she hopes to support new ideas that will help improve employee satisfaction and subsequently improve the patient experience.

Corresponding Secretary 

Callie Degnan, BS, has worked with Rush for 9 years. Callie currently works in the Office of the Registrar within the Division of Student Affairs. This is Callie’s second year on Staff Council and she is excited to continue advocating for the needs of the staff across Rush University. In her spare time, you can find Callie listening to a good audiobook.



Priscilla Alvarez, College of Health Sciences

Yovana Alvarez, Student Affairs

Cynthia Areizaga, Research

Yolanda Beard, College of Nursing

Greg Benham,  Research

Yolanda Booker, Research

Jake Boudreaux, Research Compliance

Donel Choice, Information Services

Callie Degnan, Student Affairs

Lelani Fetrow, Research

Mariela Hernandez,  Research Affairs

Bart Jacher, Research

Theresa Jenkins, Research

Dariusz Kunecki, Research

Jennifer Kustwin, College of Nursing

Rebecca McWilliams, Research

Donyea Moore, Research

Paul Pachwicewicz, Research

LaTasha Pryor, Academic Affairs

Matthew Rico, Research

Elanda Shannon, Research Affairs

Kellan Simon, College of Nursing

Mildred White, Research

Corey Woods, Research Affairs



Committee Chair
Membership and Elections Donyea Moore
Policy Development and Advocacy Paul Pachwicewicz
Professional Development TBD
Greg Benham
Matthew Rico