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Wellness and Public Health


This student organization focuses on the wellness and public health issues that impact the entire university/medical center community—within the campus and in the surrounding neighborhood. Special attention is given to involvement, research and activities generated by the Center for Health Equity, Rush University’s “Rush to the West Side”, and key faculty (including the faculty advisor, Dr. Sheila Dugan).

Possible activities for the 2016-2017 school year include:

• ‘Curated’ tour of the neighborhood between Rush and Malcolm X College
• Participation in data collection
• Introducing the club to existing neighborhood organizations
• Meeting the alderman (Burnett)
• Collaborating with UIC student’s public health club
• Debate series (of the good-natured, all-in-this-together variety)
• Films, lectures, panel discussions

Contact information

Facilitator: Vic Speedwell

Facilitator: Sirene Helwani

Advisor: Sheila Dugan, associate professor, Rush Medical College