Department of Otorhinolaryngology Faculty

Department Chairperson

Pete S. Batra, MD
Stanton A. Friedberg, MD, Professor
Chairperson, Department of Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
Section head, rhinology, sinus surgery and endoscopic skull base surgery
Co-Director, Rush Center for Skull Base and Pituitary Surgery


Samer Al-Khudari, MD
Assistant Professor
Director, transoral robotic surgery
Director, medical student clerkship
Clinical focus: Head and neck oncologic and microvascular surgery

David Caldarelli, MD
Chairperson Emeritus
Clinical focus: Adult general otolaryngology

Inna Husain, MD
Assistant Professor
Section head, laryngology
Director, voice, swallow and airway disorders
Clinical focus: Voice and swallowing disorders, airway problems

Ashok Jagasia, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Director, Rush Oak Park Otolaryngology
Clinical focus: Adult general otolaryngology

Jill Jeffe, MD
Assistant Professor
Director, pediatric aerodigestive program
Assistant Director, residency program
Clinical focus: Pediatric otorhinolaryngology, pediatric airway disorders

Phillip LoSavio, MD
Assistant Professor
Director, residency program
Section head, sleep surgery
Clinical focus: Sleep surgery, adult general otolaryngology

Thomas Nielsen, MD
Assistant Professor
Clinical focus: Adult general otorhinolaryngology

Peter Revenaugh, MD
Assistant Professor
Section head, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery
Director, facial nerve disorders and rehabilitation program
Clinical focus: Facial plastic, reconstructive and microvascular surgery

Kerstin Stenson, MD
Director, Rush head and neck cancer program
Section head, head and neck surgical oncology
Clinical focus: Head and neck cancer, thyroid surgery

Bobby Tajudeen, MD
Assistant Professor
Director, research committee
Clinical focus: Rhinology, skull base surgery

R. Mark Wiet, MD
Assistant Professor
Section head, otology, neurotology and lateral skull base surgery
Director, acoustic neuroma program
Clinical focus: Acoustic neuroma, lateral skull base tumors, cochlear implant, hearing and balance disorders