Rush Medical College Celebrates a Successful 2020 Match Day

Sunday, March 22, 2020

After countless hours of studying, eye-opening clinical experiences and incredible volunteer work across the city of Chicago, the four years of perseverance and dedication has led up to this one day — Match Day.

An annual nationwide celebration for graduating medical students, Match Day is the culmination of the process of applying to and interviewing with residency programs at health care institutions across the country. After the interview process is completed, students rank their programs and the programs in turn rank their applicants. A computer algorithm then matches students with the residency programs. Depending on a student’s chosen specialty, a residency will last from three to six years and lead to eligibility for board certification in primary care or a medical or surgical specialty.

This year’s class celebrated Match Day virtually through an online meeting with deans and directors from the medical college. Dino Rumoro, DO, MPH, acting dean of Rush Medical College, kicked off the celebration with a congratulatory message to students, followed by Elizabeth Baker, MD, MHPE, senior associate dean of education, who shared some words of wisdom for the class.

“This is a day of celebration. You have reached a fork in the road, and you’re about to go down a path,” Baker said. “For those of you going on your expected path, we are so happy for you. Make the most of it. For those going on an unexpected path, make the journey a joyful one, knowing that it is the unexpected turns in life that often lead to the most fulfillment.”

In addition, Laurel Cherian, MD, MS, assistant dean of advising, shared her well-wishes and Jay Behel, PhD, associate dean of medical student affairs, gave a toast to the class. In keeping with Rush’s Match Day tradition, Jill Volk, MSEd, led the group in a countdown to 11 a.m., when the students received their residency placements from the National Residency Matching Program. After students received their match results, Rush’s clerkship directors held virtual meetings with students who matched in their medical specialties to congratulate the group and learn where each student matched.

Rush Medical College students historically earn impressive residency placements, and this year is no exception. Rush will remain home for 22 students and four students matched nearby at the John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County. Other students will train in residency programs at prestigious institutions across the country such as Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and UCLA Medical Center. Internal medicine was the most popular specialty with 23 Rush students being placed in medicine residency programs, followed by emergency medicine (16), general surgery (13) and family medicine (12). In addition, one student will complete residency and military service with the U.S. Army.

“This is an immensely talented group of hardworking students,” said Behel. “They also are a wonderful group of people who have connected deeply with one another. We are all looking forward to watching their careers as physicians unfold.”

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