Making a Cross-Cultural Change: Karen Lamb, PSL ’67, MS ’82, PhD ’91/CON

Thursday, September 21, 2017

“When my students work on projects in nursing home settings or emergency rooms, they realize they’re able to make a real change in this world,” said Karen Lamb, PSL ’67, MS ’82, PhD ’91/CON, associate professor, Rush University College of Nursing. Now, working as distinguished professor at the School of Nursing in Beijing, Lamb hopes to bring about a change of her own in gerontological nursing.

“There’s a big need for geriatric care in China — they have fewer young people to support the older people,” said Lamb, who will help revise the school’s curriculum in gerontological nursing to address this need. “Without a doubt, Presbyterian-St. Luke’s School of Nursing provided the educational foundation I’ve been able to build off all these years, and I’m thrilled to share and grow from it now in a new, fascinating culture.”

Lamb, who continues to teach distance classes for Rush nursing students while overseas, recognizes the rich tradition and heritage of Rush, as well as the importance of giving back to the place where she not only found her calling but learned about true professionalism.

“It’s in our rankings, our commitment to excellence, our student-centric culture and overall history,” said Lamb. “Rush has always taught us to be change agents, to be responsive to trends and work towards improving patient care — I can’t envision myself doing anything else.”