Alumni Profile: Judith Paice, MSN '82/CON

Friday, July 29, 2016

Name: Judith A. Paice, PhD, RN

Class Year: MSN 1982

Current location and institution:

Director, Cancer Pain Program
Division of Hematology-Oncology
Northwestern University; Feinberg School of Medicine

Describe your Rush experience:

My experiences as a student and later as a faculty member at Rush have been some of the most meaningful periods in my professional life. The strong interdisciplinary environment and the recognition of the importance of nursing are unique among health care organizations. Additionally, the emphasis on integrating practice and education deeply informed my career.

How did your Rush education prepare you for your career in nursing?

Strong, highly educated, motivated faculty provided mentorship and role modeling for effective, progressive careers in nursing. Through their guidance and leadership, nursing’s full potential can be realized by all in the field. Their inspiration and the encouragement of other non-nursing faculty led me to pursue a doctoral degree, focusing on the science and management of pain.

What work are you currently involved in and what has been the highlight so far?

I have been so very fortunate to follow my passion by providing care to those experiencing cancer-related pain. This has been such a gift. And as a result of sharing these clinical experiences with others, I have been given the opportunity to deliver pain and palliative care education throughout the United States and the world.

What makes you most proud about your affiliation to Rush?

Rush has an extraordinary and well-deserved reputation for providing excellent education that prepares nurses for the complex health care environment.

Why do you think it’s important for alumni to stay connected to Rush? How have you stayed connected?

Networking is critical in our current environment. Information is advancing exponentially faster than one can easily manage. Staying connected to Rush through alumni activities, the Golden Lamp Society, Rush publications and other media helps keep me informed about latest advancements, but also helps me maintain those deep personal and professional relationships that give life meaning.

Why do you decide to support the Golden Lamp Society?

The Golden Lamp Society supports those entering our field — what could possibly be more important than building a strong profession?