Lisa LaGorio, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor  
Department of Speech-Language Pathology, College of Health Sciences
Role: Clinician, Faculty and Researcher
Joined Rush in 2014


I am an Assistant Professor at Rush University Medical Center and an active clinician, teacher, and researcher. My current research interests include the study of aging effects on swallowing physiology and the development of novel protocols for dysphagia evaluation, prevention, and rehabilitation.

What inspired you to get into your field?

My mother had a stroke and required Speech-Language Pathology assistance. I loved how the SLPs helped her regain her talking and swallowing abilities.

What excited you about your work at Rush?

I love collaborating with different groups, especially the Department of Otolaryngology and the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. Both groups have welcomed me and supported me in my research endeavors.

What is your opinion of mentoring and sponsorship? Please comment about your experiences.

Mentoring is the key success. My clinical mentors have helped me develop into an advanced practice clinician. My academic mentors have shown me how to become a better teacher. And my scientific mentors have helped me develop a small idea into a novel line of research. Without such strong mentorship, I would not be where I am now in my career.

Do you have tips or advice you would recommend for someone looking to enter your field of work?

Be prepared to work hard and to learn continually. This is not a nine-to-five job, and graduation is just the first step in a lifetime of learning.

What are your hobbies? How do you like to spend your free time?

I enjoy reading, walking, watching movies, and doing assorted outdoor activities with family and friends.