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The CTEI Instructional Design staff members create helpful video tutorials for faculty members. If you do not find what you need in this list, please contact CTEI for a consultation, or to request a video tutorial.
Workshop Recordings 

Assessment faculty panel series

This series of discussions included a panel of Rush University faculty, tackling the challenging subject of assessing students. The links to the records can only be accessed by people with a email address.

Part 1: The assumptions we make about assessment (59:54)

Part 2: Alternatives to traditional, high-stakes, summative assessments (coming in December)

Part 3: How to write fair and effective traditional exam questions & make exams Canvas friendly (coming in December)


Below is the list of CTEI workshop recordings that are on YouTube. To view a recording, visit our CTEI YouTube channel and visit our channel often for new workshop recordings.

  • How to export a Blackboard 9 course into Canvas (5:10)
  • Applying weekly overview template to the Blackboard course import (10:26)
  • After effects of exporting Blackboard into Canvas (3:50)
Accessibility and Universal Design
  • Accessibility & Universal Design (28:21)
Assessing Student Learning
  • Authentic Assessment: Moving Away from Memorization (40:51)
  • Efficient Grading Techniques for Online Learning (47:52)
  • More than Grades: Keys to Effective Feedback (43:26)
  • Roadmap to Rubrics: Painles & Straightforward Grading Using Rubrics (17:48)
  • Small Changes, Big Impact: Formative Assessments (58:55)
Course Design & Support
  • Curriculum Maps: Masterplans for Teaching & Learning Success (50:48)
  • Enough is Enough: How to Realistically Determine Course Workload (39:47)
  • HyFlex Course Design Model Introduction (47:25)
  • Overview of Rush Standards for Online Course Design 931:45)
Teaching Strategies
  • Evidence-Based Practices for Teaching Synchronously/Live Online Sessions (48:15)
  • Evidence-Based Practices for Designing & Teaching HyFlex Courses (1:00:22)
  • Introduction to Educational Escape Rooms (43:21)
  • Presentation Techniques: Creating and Presenting with Style! (40:07)
  • Student Centered Learning (47:16)
  • Teaching Strategies for the Active Learning Classroom (41:22)
  • Time Management Strategies in Online Teaching (36:23)
Technology Tools
  • Flipgrid for your Class (46:09)
  • O365 Teams for Teaching and Learning (41:48)
  • Screencast-O-Matic Workshop (34:08)