Helpful Videos

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The CTEI Instructional Design staff members create helpful video tutorials for faculty members. If you do not find what you need in this list, please contact CTEI for a consultation, or to request a video tutorial.
Workshop Recordings (requires Portal log-in)

Below is the list of CTEI workshop recordings. To view a recording, log in to the Rush Portal and vist our team site Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation

  • Blackboard Tips, Tricks & Best Practices (39:07)
  • Blackboard: Assignments (7:19)
  • Blackboard: Course Menu & Best Practices (10:46)
  • Blackboard: Groups (3:58)
  • Blackboard: Rubrics (3:12)
  • Blackboard: Tests/Quizzes (5:31)
  • Creating Effective Presentations (48:38)
  • Creating Effective Presentations (Workshop Slides only)
  • Creating quizzes in Panopto workshop (55:14)
  • Hoonuit - Video Tutorials and On Demand Learning (8:04)
  • Let’s play workshop: Slides only
  • Let’s Play: Tools, apps, and ways to make learning fun (55:56)
  • QM 6th Edition Part I: Changes from 5th ed (4:32)
  • QM 6th Edition Part II: Standards (11:04)
  • QM 6th Edition Part III: Reviewer Worksheet and Application (8:56)
  • RU Online Course Design Standards (31:44)
  • RU Online Teaching Standards (31:40)
  • Screencast-o-matic Workshop (34:08)
  • Strategies for engaging online students (51:40)
  • Strategies for engaging online students: Slides only
  • The art of being untethered: Slides only
  • The art of being untethered: Student engagement strategies for face-to-face teaching (48:20)
  • The Online & Blended Course Template (20:00)
Teaching 101
  • Coming soon