Telehealth and Teleprecepting Resources

A telehealth provider uses a laptop for a visit
Guidelines for telehealth precepting our students

Rush CON position on telehealth precepting

  • The College encourages our students to take part in telehealth clinical opportunities.
  • We view telehealth precepting as a valuable learning opportunity.
  • We expect students will meet all local requirements around licensure.

Our students’ telehealth training







  • How telehealth may affect health inequities


  • Rutledge, C. M. et al. (2021). Development of Telehealth competencies – Four P’s (planning, preparing, providing, and performance evaluation). doi: 10.1097/NNE.0000000000000988. Epub ahead of print.
Tips for incorporating telemedicine into clinical training

Key telehealth principles

C-TIER - Center for Telehealth, Innovation, Education and Research

The mission of the Center for Telehealth, Innovation, Education and Research (C-TIER) is to promote innovation, education, and research in telehealth for those involved in the provision of health care, health care education, research, and healthcare technologies through collaborative opportunities, educational programs, and telehealth innovation.

Favorite teleheath resources