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Why Give?

Ashley Lopez

As the main caretaker of her mother, Ashley Lopez felt the transition into a nursing career would be a natural move. But while juggling family expenses, pursuing her dream seemed nearly impossible.

“Scholarship support has been huge for me,” said Ashley. “It’s a weight off not only my but my mother’s shoulders as she doesn’t have to worry as much about helping me afford my education.”

Support from alumni and friends makes the impossible possible for Ashley, now one of 29 students in RUSH’s Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program.

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Strengthening the University

When you give to RUSH University, you help to ensure that the next generation of health care leaders can pursue their passion for health care, regardless of their financial means.

You improve the quality and quantity of available resources, like the new RUSH Center for Clinical Skills and Simulation. You facilitate immersive community service experiences and build up our vast alumni network. Above all your philanthropy enables RUSH's students to focus their time and attention on becoming the best practitioners, researchers and health care leaders they can be.


It's always been my mother's dream for us to go to school and have all the opportunities. Thanks to donor support, RUSH is providing that for me.

Scholarship recipient Ashley Lopez, RUSH University Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences student, Class of 2017


Adding to the value of a RUSH degree

Your support of RUSH University does so much to strengthen the value of a RUSH degree for all alumni:

Think you can't afford to make a difference? Think again.

Your participation matters.

Gifts of all sizes and types combine to provide an immediate source of funding for RUSH University's people and programs. Last year RUSH alumni made more than 500 gifts of $50 or less. When combined, these donors gave more than $20,000. And the act of giving — regardless of dollar amount — increases the alumni participation rate, a factor that affects RUSH's reputation and ability to compete for external funding.

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To learn more about giving to RUSH University, contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (312) 942-7199 or

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