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Class Updates

Give back, create a legacy

A great deal has changed since your graduation, but the Rush Medical College experience is as strong and special as ever.

Join the effort. Find your class year below and click on the “Make a Gift” button to make a one-time gift or a multi-year pledge in honor of your reunion.

1973 | 1974 | 1978 | 1979 | 1983 | 1984 | 1988 | 1989 | 1993 | 1994 | 1998 | 1999 | 2003 | 2004 | 2008 | 2009 | 2013 | 2014 

For those of you celebrating your 25th – 45th reunions, a majority of your classes have set a goal of establishing an endowed class scholarship fund. As medical school tuition increases over the years, scholarship support has become essential. These endowed scholarship funds will allow your class to support medical students year after year. You can continue to grow the fund over time, thus increasing the amount of support. 

Join your Classmates at Reunion 2019

Class of 1973

Glen E. Sutherland, MD

Class of 1974

Warren S. Gilbert, MD
Harold A. Kessler, MD
Lawrence F. Layfer, MD
Ronald D. Nelson, MD 

Class of 1978 

Terrance M. Brady, MD
Susan Honeycutt Clark, MD
Joseph J. Donofrio, MD
John C. Farrin, MD, JD
Richard J. Fowl, MD
John E. Garnett, MD
Elliott Kroger, MD
Patrick J. Loehrer, Sr., MD
John W. McClean, MD
James V. Pagano, MD
Mary K. Palmore, MD
John T. Pappas Jr., MD
James E. Rejowski, MD
Richard C. Sadove, MD
Donald A. Skor, MD
Donald V. Woznica, MD

Class of 1979

James J. Collins, MD
Thomas A. Deutsch, MD
Ann Marie Flannery, MD
Steven A. Giles, MD
Cynthia J. Gustafson, MD
Stephen M. Korbet, MD, MACP, FASN
Edward T. Marcoski, Jr., MD
Marc A. Silver, MD, FACP, FACC, FCCP 
Mary Lou Tomyanovich, MD
Linda Wagner-Weiner, MD, MS
Derek van Amerongen, MD, MS

Class of 1983 

Alison J. Drumm, MD
Elizabeth A. Eklund, MD
C. Grafford Hilgenhurst, MD
Kathryn H. Mulligan, MD 
David F. Soglin, MD
Lenore Fitzsim Soglin, MD
Dan H. Sugimoto, MD
Sondra L. Summers, MD
Karen B. Weinstein, MD, FACP

Class of 1984 

Jeffrey A. Dugas, Sr., MD
Keith W. Millikan, MD

Class of 1988

Louise Berner-Holmberg, MD, MPH
Julie Verdeyen Douglass, MD
Joseph J. Hennessy, MD
Paul Joseph Slosar, MD
Jamie Lynn Stalker, MD

Class of 1989

Elizabeth A. Marlin, MD
Mary L. McComis, MD
Mary C. Miller, MD
Thomas H. Miller, MD
Carrie E. Nelson, MD
Frank Gerard Ondrey, MD, PhD
Gene R. Solmos, MD
Sarah Titus Kimber, MD

Class of 1993

Stephanie S. Baker, MD
Anne B. Cardwell, MD
Claudine G. Dutaret, MD
Robert I. Silvers, MD
Steven D. Sun, MD

Class of 1994

Gregory David Bianchi, MD

Class of 1998

Jayanti Reddy Bahel, MD
Judith Jean-Baptiste, MD
Thomas E. Bleasdale, Jr., MD
Susan D. Elbaum, MD 
Edward H. Kolb, MD
Jean M. Kolb, MD
Kristen Lucy Maskala, MD
Neil Mehta, MD
Ravi R. Nemivant, MD
Niraj Lakshman Sehgal, MD
Kathleen K. Starr, MD
Eric Carl Weinman, MD

Class of 1999

Phuong N. Huynh, MD
Terry Janice Keifer, MD
Karolyn Diane Law, MD
Mary Ellen Lawrence, MD
Thomas Michael McGowan, MD
Kerri Larissa Murray, MD
Jonathan A. Myers, MD
Arati A. Reddy, MD
Debra Scarlett, MD
Richard Barrett Schaefer, MD
Ignatius Yun Sang Tang, MD
Ryan Bich Tran, MD
Chad J. Zawitz, MD

Class of 2003

Algis Baliunas, MD
Joanna T. Bisgrove, MD

Class of 2004

Laura Boyd, MD
Kathleen Rowland, MD

Class of 2008

Nasreen F. Ahmed, MD
Eric Gantwerker, MD
Robert W. Sedlacek, MD
Sara A. Velarde, MD

Class of 2009

Veeral M. Oza, MD

Class of 2013

Class of 2014

Ellen V. Kroin, MD
Abdoulie Njie, MD
Heather M. Volkamer, MD