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Students for Social Responsibility (SSR)

About Students for Social Responsibility

  1. Climate change has already begun to damage human health and will have greater impact in the future. Students for Social Responsibility is dedicated to promoting a healthier Chicago and improving public health worldwide through advocacy and education about the effects of climate change, environmental toxins, and other environmental threats to human health. As future healthcare professionals, we recognize the urgency of addressing climate change and the critical need for action.
  2. At Rush, Students for Social Responsibility holds educational events throughout the year around topics such as climate change and health, hospital sustainability, and environmental toxins. We bring in health care professionals to discuss these issues and what actions we can take to address them. As advocates, we fight for these issues through letter writing and communication with local and state representatives. We collaborate with other Rush student organizations to share our message and promote a healthier Chicago. We also work with the Rush leadership to improve the sustainability of our own health system by bettering our recycling, reducing single use plastics, and promoting the start of composting.
  3. Students for Social Responsibility is closely aligned with the national organization, Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR).

Contact Information

President: Lauren Delmastro

Education Chair: Jonathan Bauer

Advisor: Dr. Andrew Garman, PsyD