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RUSH Advocacy and Medical Policy (RAMP)


RUSH Advocacy and Medical Policy (RAMP) is committed to educating future medical professionals on the power of their voice. In doing so, RAMP will emphasize how caring for communities extends beyond the clinic and into local, state and federal governments. Our aim is to educate, activate and empower future physicians, nurses and allied health professionals to speak for the needs of their patients and peers. We are committed to bringing speakers to RUSH in the fields of medicine, policy, law and ethics to present on topics in contemporary healthcare. We also provide workshops and voter registration to teach future professionals how to interface with policy makers in an effort to promote positive change in healthcare.

Contact Information


Co-President: Taylor Stivali
Co-President: Charlie Fischer
Vice President of Outreach: Willow Head
Editor in Chief: Allison Maxwell

Advisor: Laurel Cherian, Attending Physician
Advisor: Lindsay McCullough, Attending Physician