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Spotlight: Cynthia E. Boyd, MD, MBA

Cynthia E. Boyd is a professional strategist, leader, role model, speaker, mentor, colleague, motivator, wife, mother and friend. She weaves together ideas to inspire people to become more inclusive leaders. Boyd offers a fresh perspective on recognizing bias and encourages individuals to lead from where they are, regardless of their rank, title, or role. She partners with others to leverage diversity to increase equity, and inclusion, reducing the impact of unconscious bias, ultimately leading to improved bottom-line results.

Boyd specializes in building and leading highly effective teams and creates strategies to enable large organizations to influence diversity and inclusion to drive innovation. She has a wealth of experience developing, motivating, and managing teams with different cultural backgrounds. Boyd is an expert at designing, implementing, and developing best practices to support her teams. She is devoted and passionate about what she does.

Even with substantial academic and professional success, Boyd remains a gracious and humble person. She carries herself in an exemplary professional manner; however, top-notch care for others has always taken precedent. Her demeanor and disposition have served as a professional guide for others to strive towards. She is an excellent leader who provides extraordinary support and guidance.

Cynthia Boyd is the epitome of excellence at Rush University Medical Center, and today we honor and salute you for all that you do for others!