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Spotlight: Jisu Kim, MD


Jisu Kim, MD

I proudly admit that I am a RUSH lifer; I have been here since I matriculated at RUSH Medical College in 1992. When it came time for residency, RUSH was a no-brainer for me once my future wife insisted on staying in Chicago. I trained as a general internist and joined the faculty group to care for the surrounding community and train the next generation of physicians. Not too long after, my practice transitioned to the inpatient setting, and I have been a practicing hospitalist ever since. Over the years, I have met people from all walks of life who helped me understand how to be a better physician. Most importantly, however, they and RUSH have helped me transform into a better person by surrounding me in such an inclusive culture that is always striving to be better.

As a practicing Christian, my family and I believe that we have been placed purposefully in the Chicagoland community. I also believe that every person I have encountered over the years has helped shape that purpose. These incredible encounters include physician colleagues, mentors, students, and I cannot forget the fantastic nursing colleagues, the extended caregivers, my RUSH gospel choir family and all the wonderful patients whom I have had the privilege of caring for over the years. Now 20-plus years and two children later, I look forward to staying invested with Chicago and all my neighbors; I pray and hope that I can repay even just a fraction of what I have been given over the years.

A note from the Committee on Admissions:

The Admission Selection Committee takes seriously RUSH's commitment to diversity in our matriculating classes and subsequently in our total enrollment. Kim was the inaugural workgroup chair and continues to serve in this role for the Admissions Selection Committee Diversity Work Group. The committee is charged with reviewing and assessing national and institutional data on underrepresented in medicine applicants for trends. Additionally, the committee works to improve the admissions application process and evaluation and makes recommendations to the Admissions Committee to further increase our student body's diversity.

Jisu Kim, we celebrate your excellence!