Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Faculty

Gillian Alex, MD - thoracic surgery
Chadrick A. Cross, MD - cardiac surgery
Alexandre d’Audiffret, MD - vascular surgery
L. Penfield Faber, MD – thoracic surgery
Michael Frank, MD - cardiac surgery
Nicole M. Geissen, DO - thoracic Surgery
Eias Jweied, MD, PhD - cardiac surgery
Justin M. Karush, DO - thoracic surgery
Daniel Katz, MD - vascular surgery
Sungho Lim, MD - vascular surgery
Michael J. Liptay, MD - thoracic surgery
Walter J. McCarthy, MD - vascular surgery
Dilip Nath, MD - congenital cardiac surgery
Patroklos S. Pappas, MD - cardiac surgery
Michele Richard, MD - vascular surgery
Ray S. Sawaqed, MD - cardiac surgery
Christopher W. Seder, MD – thoracic surgery
David Stern, MD - cardiac surgery
Henry J. Sullivan, MD - cardiac surgery
Deborah Tabachnick, MD - thoracic surgery
Antone J. Tatooles, MD - cardiac surgery
Nikita Y. Tihonov, MD - vascular surgery
Ozuru Ukoha, MD – cardiac and thoracic surgery