CAPriCORN at Rush Team

Raj C Shah, MD

Raj C Shah, MD

Associate Professor, Family Medicine & Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center

CAPriCORN Co-Principal Investigator; CAPriCORN at Rush Site Principal Investigator; Steering Committee Member; Coordinating Committee Member

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My academic career interest is the design and conduct of community-based, clinical trials for the prevention and treatment of common, age-related conditions including, but not limited to, memory loss and physical function decline.  As a geriatrician and educator, I am aware of the need for stakeholders with various perspectives to work together to provide answers for questions that matter to the health and well-being of our communities in the Chicago metropolitan area and beyond.  I understand how to lead teams to successfully complete large, clinical trial and other research projects.

CAPriCORN Research Working Group

Kyra VanDoren - Project Coordinator

Ashley Martinez - Lead Clinical Data Analyst 

Kristie Fang - Clinical Data Analyst

Carlos A. Q. Santos - Associate Professor, Infectious Diseases


Sindhura Bandi, MD - Assistant Professor, Department of Immunology/Microbiology; Associate Clinical Director, Allergy/Immunology

Site Investigator - CAPriCORN Pediatric Asthma Survey

Ellen Becker, PhD, RRTProfessor, Respiratory Care; Patient and Clinician Advisory Committee (PCAC) Member

PCAC Representative to CAPriCORN Steering Committee

Lisa Boggio, MD, PhD - Assistant Professor, Medicine and Pediatrics; Clinical Director of the Rush Hemophilia and Thrombophilia Center; Director of Clinical Apheresis

Site Investigator - Characterization of CAPriCORN Sickle Cell Disease Population

Christopher Codispoti, MD, PhD, FAAAAI - Assistant Professor, Department of Immunity and Emerging Pathogens, Rush Medical College

 Site Investigator - CAPriCORN Asthma Survey 

Jisu Kim, MD - Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, Rush Medical College 

Site Investigator - CAPriCORN Anemia Survey

Michael Lin, MD, MPH - Associate Professor, Rush Medical College

Site Investigator - Recurrent Clostridium difficile Infection (RCDI) Cohort Survey

Joshua Melson, MD - Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine 

Site Investigator - Post-Colonoscopy Colorectal Cancer Cohort Survey

Roshni Patel, MD - Assistant Professor, Department of Neurological Sciences

Site Investigator - Parkinson’s Disease in Sexual and Gender Minority Individuals Cohort Survey


Kathleen Giudice, Kirsten Hendrickson, Amelia Williams, Isis Hinojosa, Marlena Mosbacher, Emma Penn, Pranvera Sulejmani, Lauren Follansbee, Pankaja Desai, Ekta Kishen, Todd Beck, Bala Hota, Jordan Dale, Santosh Basapur