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Chris Gaiteri, PhD

How do interaction networks at the levels of genes, proteins and cells support healthy cognitive function? How do semi-independent regulatory systems such as epigenetics, chromosome configuration, miRNA and transcription factors combine to support homeostasis? How do biological networks that operate on vastly different spatial and temporal scales, mesh together seamlessly? Are there collective network “signatures” of disease? How does the connectivity of a network condition its dynamics? How can we use network insights to identify key mediators of pathology?

Chris Gaiteri is interested in answering these questions, and in the context of Alzheimer's disease uses several types of omics data to identify networks of molecules that are closely related to brain pathology. He has also used related approaches to study major depression and schizophrenia. Living in between computation and biology is a tricky place, so he's always on the lookout for collaborators. Feel free to email and stop by and discuss how a network approach may benefit your research.