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Laboratory of Lauren A. Wiebe, MD

Lauren A. Wiebe, MD is a dual-boarded physician and researcher in both medical oncology and palliative care. Her research goal is finding better ways to support and manage patients undergoing chemotherapy with a focus on improved communication and symptom management.

Our work

We currently have three main active projects recruiting patients at this time.

The American Cancer Society funded an early career pilot grant for a mixed methods study to understand better why Latina or Hispanic women have inferior outcomes in the setting of adjuvant, or curable hormone-receptor positive breast cancer.

Secondly, Wiebe is leading part of a large study to evaluate a tablet-based psychosocial support intervention to improve quality of life and outcomes for men with advanced, hormone-receptor prostate cancer undergoing hormone ablation therapy. This study has unique biomarker correlates that allow us to see if the psychosocial intervention is affecting the biology of the disease itself.

Finally, Wiebe is the Rush principal investigator on the nationally known, R01-funded “Coping with Cancer 3” study. The study will be recruiting patients along with their primary caregiver/family member to better understand what is most important in the setting of advanced cancer. In particular this study will be looking at spiritual, religious and cultural factors that most support patients and families through this time.

Our technology

Wiebe has received several grants and awards for her research using tablet computers and smartphones to monitor patient symptom burden and quality of life for patients. She previously received NIH funding to develop and test a novel strategy at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Now at Rush, she has received funding from the National Science Foundation to develop and test a smartphone-based application for daily monitoring of patient symptom burden at home while undergoing chemotherapy.

Our funding

In addition to the role as co-investigator on the two NIH R01 studies above, Wiebe is also funded through an American Cancer Society Pilot and an NSF-SBIR Phase II grant in collaboration with Georgetown University.

As of February 2016, Wiebe is a co-investigator on another R01 recently awarded at the first percentile of applications continuing the research between psychosocial interventions and biologic behavior of advanced prostate cancer.  

Our team

Wiebe works closely with Frank Penedo, a leading research at Northwestern University in supportive cancer care. Together they have a team of multiple research assistants who help perform the research activities.

Contact us

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