Cancer Center Clinical Trials

The cancer clinical trials office, part of the Rush University Cancer Center, is one of the largest customers of the clinical research administration division. It encompasses functions similar to the clinical research core team but on a larger scale, and it focuses on oncology clinical research only.

The office currently conducts about 200 trials across the Cancer Center. Their focus is on phase I through IV trials sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. See available clinical trials.

The cancer clinical trials office consists of the following teams:

  • Ancillary services team
  • Regulatory team
  • Research coordinator team
  • Research nurse team

Contact us

Chrystal Johnston, MS
Phone: (312) 563-2312

Lillie Gardner
Administrative Assistant II
Phone (312) 947-5341

Patty Nelson
CRC Manager
Phone: (312) 942-8004

Katharine Szubski
Research Nurse Manager
Phone: (312) 942-8892

Dawn Paulsen
Regulatory Manager
Phone: (312) 942-1287 
Becky Holtz
Regulatory Coordinator
Phone: (312) 942-2071
Rina Seo
Regulatory Coordinator
Sharon Glinski
Regulatory Coordinator
Phone: (312) 942-2437
Christiana Angson
Regulatory Coordinator

Simran Arora
Regulatory Coordinator
Phone: (312) 942-2898

Madeline Burnette
Regulatory Coordinator
Phone: (312) 942-3497